• Ways to search this forum - hope this helps

    I'm sure each of us have seen the all to common post reply that reads something like "there's a previous thread on here that has what you are looking for". The forum site search is obviously a great place to start and you can get pretty specific within the advance search feature so as to search by title or a specific post by a forum member.

    Another way I like to search is with Google and I'd like to share with you how to use Google to search cj-8.com specifically or any other site for that matter. What I like about using Google is that within the search results it gives you context around your search result rather than just the title of the thread. Google also takes you directly to the page with the post referencing what you are looking for as opposed to you having to sometimes search through a 15 page thread trying to find the single post that contains the one bit of info you're looking for.

    Here's how you do it...

    An example from today is that someone was looking for the factory specs of the rear quarter panel scrambler emblem placement. One way to search for this on Google would be to type in...

    scrambler emblem placement site:cj-8.com

    The most important part here is to follow up what you are searching for with site:cj-8.com making sure you use the colon with no spaces.

    By using the above example you will see results that conatin any variation of "scrambler emblem placement" meaning that phrase can show up in any order within the post(s). Which makes this a great place to start.

    If you need to get more specific with Google, simply place quotes around the keyword you are looking for and it will only show you results of that keyword in the exact order you are looking for. Here is an example...

    "scrambler emblem placement" site:cj-8.com

    The only caution using quotes is that you are relying on those who did the original post to use the exact same wording you are looking for. So, you may need to refine your search and maybe try...

    "scrambler emblem location" site:cj-8.com


    "scrambler emblem position" site:cj-8.com

    And so on...

    It's also cool because this same search feature can be used on Google images also. Word of caution here is that the pictures on cj-8.com are only as good as the original context of the post around the image.

    Start by trying the different examples I've provided above as I know you will recieve the desired results for purposes of understanding how this works. Then try some on your own.

    Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

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