• Fixing scratches in a soft top window... sorta

    So what I did yesterday was try to polish the scratches out of my very old kaoline top. It's been pretty roughly used and the windows were pretty smokey and difficult to see out of. I used Meguiars PlastX bought at Autozone. I think it's s'posed to be used for cloudy headlights, but worked pretty darn well for jeep windows. I applied it both directly onto the window and on a paper towel. The directions recommend a terry towel, but it's not needed. I did the inside while I had the top off to wash out the inside and the outside on the jeep.
    I applied the polish and did some serious "Wax on, Wax off" until it was almost clear, then I polished it again with a clean paper towel until there was no residue. There is a lot of static build up once the residue was almost completely gone.
    This will remove small scratches and clean some of the deep ones up, but big scratches will still be present, just easier to see through. Anyway, Here are the pictures.

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    1. Padre's Avatar
      Padre -
      This stuff worked very well. Don't give up over first try if fading is bad. lots of elbo grease and patience needed. Thanks for the tip.
    1. duchcookie's Avatar
      duchcookie -
      I am just getting into CJ8's, but have had tons of CJ7's and other jeeps. I have tried probably about 20 some products so far on jeep windows. I just found an decent Whitco CJ7 top and tried Flitz polish on it and it far by worked the greatest, and with most ease. The Meguires worked well form me, but I found that the flitz even cleared up a huge percentage of the yellowing the windows do over time.