• Replacing Stock Fuel and Temp Gauges

    I decided to fix the gas gauge in this Scrambler this weekend. The factory gauge quit, was showing 12 volts coming out of the "jumper strap" post, so I knew it was fried.

    I had a "spare" set of these in the garage, and since I couldn't find a factory gauge, I installed this set:

    I have a set of these gauges in my Red Scrambler, and they work perfectly. They are made by Stewart Warner, they are an "improved" design, but they are pricey. But, they work, unlike the other crap replacement gauges

    In order to install them, and make it easy on me:

    1) Prop up top
    2) fold down windshield
    3) remove dash pad/steering column trim
    4) remove almost all of the dashboard bolts
    5) remove lighter
    6) reach in from the top to unfasten the top two speedometer fasteners

    Once the speedometer is removed, it is fairly easy to swap out the gauges.

    Quick picture of the rear, showing these plastic "isolaters" that are part of the new gauges. The new gauges have small copper grounding plates that rub up hard against the speedometer case.

    And from the front side.

    They look "stock" once installed, and more importantly, the gas gauge works!!!!!!! I have an aftermarket temperature gauge, but I will probably install a "stock CJ" sending unit in the engine, and also hook up this temperature gauge.

    About an hour to get the speedometer out, about 30 minutes to swap out the gauges, and about 45 minutes to button it all back up. But, for a working gas gauge, it was worth it.

    That's it for now
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    1. jerseyjeeps's Avatar
      jerseyjeeps -
      I have a picture to include on diagonstics of the old gauges - can I add a post to this one or does it need to be a new article?
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      Scramblin' Man -
      I have been lurking and learning so much from all the experienced people in this forum. I don't have the talents that so many of the people here possess, but I try to do it yourself when something isn't too scary. These gauge replacements look perfect. Do you know where I can buy a set? Thanks so much.