• Adding a third bow to a Scrambler Bestop Supertop

    Thought I'd do a writeup on how I added an additional bow to my Bestop Supertop.
    The bow that I used was a spare CJ-7 Whitco "front hoop" from a factory bow assembly but pretty much any bow should work. Got mine from Engbull on this forum.
    Look him up and shoot him a message. He said he had more and to pass that on to others.
    One little edit before we get started...I have since painted this additional bow Rustoleum Professional "semi-gloss black" after hitting the surface rust spots with a 3M Scotch-Brite pad and then cleaning up with some acetone. Matches pretty well with the Bestop factory bow color.

    So, how I did it:

    Mark 1" from the end of the thicker side of the center junction:

    Cut off 1" from the thicker side of the center junction:

    Add self-tapping sheet metal screw:

    New bow nests nicely inside original Bestop back bow:

    Bow measures ~55 1/4" across in this section from outside to outside:

    Test fit in the Jeep:

    Junctions match evenly:

    Test fit for marking hole location for pivot point:

    Hole locations 17" from the bottom of the factory Bestop bow:

    Spring loaded center punches help when drilling through round tubing to keep your drill bit from walking:

    Drilling 1/4" holes:


    Clamp the two together into nested position and drill through holes into new bow:

    Hardware used - Stainless 1/4"-20 2 7/16" long philips button head bolt, 4 flat washers, lock washer, 1/4"-20 nylock nut:

    Fastener stack-up (NOTE: this is with a 15/16" thick o.d. tube - the modified one I'm adding - so a 2 7/16" long bolt may not be right for your application if your tube is thicker or thinner):

    Test fit with top on:

    Mark 1/2" BELOW centerline of hole:


    Clean up edge with a file:

    Cut holes on both sides of foam about 7 1/4" from end:

    I used an Xacto knife to cut the holes:

    Test fit after cut:

    Test fit after cut (view 2):

    ~50" long, 1" wide adjustable straps work well:

    Where to use the straps:

    View from the side, installed:

    Inside view #1 (only one strap shown - I ended up using two):

    Inside view #2 (shown with a really long and wider strap that got scrapped once I rounded up the narrower, shorter ones suggested already):

    Final view after install with all of the windows in:
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    1. opelgtboy's Avatar
      opelgtboy -
      Does anybody have an extra bow like the one used? I would like to do this mod.

    1. CJ8LVR's Avatar
      CJ8LVR -
      Get in touch with "Engbul" on the forum.
      He can probably help you out.
    1. jpdeuce's Avatar
      jpdeuce -
      Completed this job a couple days ago. Glad I did it. Definitely makes everything more snug. My buddy said he doesn't understand why it's not part of the soft top to begin with. I can't hear anything over my exhaust yet, but I could tell everything was just tighter in general. Picked up some foam pipe insulation and it all looks like it came with the kit (like I guess it should have).
    1. MomoJeep's Avatar
      MomoJeep -
      Very cool! I've been playing with similar mods. Right now I'm trying to get something like an "islander top" like on the 4-door Rubicons for my scrambler. Or like a full-length bikini top, so I'm looking for a used scrambler soft top. I don't need windows or sides or doors. Anyone?
    1. redking11's Avatar
      redking11 -
      Anyone have a spare bow they would be willing to sell me? This mod seems like a must.
    1. gr8dain's Avatar
      gr8dain -
      Quote Originally Posted by redking11 View Post
      Anyone have a spare bow they would be willing to sell me? This mod seems like a must.
      It is. Search CL for CJ7 tops or hardware.
    1. Randyzzz's Avatar
      Randyzzz -
      Looks like I'll be doing this mod soon- just got approval from the CFO to buy a new Supertop!

      I think I have a few spare '7 hoops in the parts pile, if not I'll bend one from 1/2" EMT.

      Probably have my tired but servicable Kayline up for sale in a couple weeks.
    1. DirtyB's Avatar
      DirtyB -
      How did you adjust the tension of the top before you added the third bow?
    1. gr8dain's Avatar
      gr8dain -
      Quote Originally Posted by DirtyB View Post
      How did you adjust the tension of the top before you added the third bow?
      For me, I did not do anything other than have the full top on as normal, and line the bow up where I would want it and then pushed it a bit to mark it on the existing bows. Kind of winging it. Maybe someone else had a more scientific approach.
    1. DirtyB's Avatar
      DirtyB -
      Sorry. I was trying to ask....Before you ever put in the 3rd bow, how do you tension the top? My old Kayline is set up so that you can zip, velcro, and rail everything to together and then when I pull on the bow, it flips and adds more tension to the fabric (takes a little muscle). And DON'T have your fingers anywhere near that joint. When I look at the pictures of the Bestop, I don't see how you tension the fabric after you have completed the zip and "stuff into the rail" steps. I can see how Jake (CJ8LVR) did it with straps on the 3rd bow, but let's say I didn't add a third bow. How would you tension it?
    1. CJ8Rockcrawler's Avatar
      CJ8Rockcrawler -
      There is the ability to extend the posts with 3 different adjustments for length. It then hooks under the corners at the back of the Jeep. I've added a few extra screws to the rail system to keep it tight and pins to the rods at the rear of the door frame to keep everything tight.