• Adding a third bow to a Scrambler Bestop Supertop

    Thought I'd do a writeup on how I added an additional bow to my Bestop Supertop.
    The bow that I used was a spare CJ-7 Whitco "front hoop" from a factory bow assembly but pretty much any bow should work. Got mine from Engbull on this forum.
    Look him up and shoot him a message. He said he had more and to pass that on to others.
    One little edit before we get started...I have since painted this additional bow Rustoleum Professional "semi-gloss black" after hitting the surface rust spots with a 3M Scotch-Brite pad and then cleaning up with some acetone. Matches pretty well with the Bestop factory bow color.

    So, how I did it:

    Mark 1" from the end of the thicker side of the center junction:

    Cut off 1" from the thicker side of the center junction:

    Add self-tapping sheet metal screw:

    New bow nests nicely inside original Bestop back bow:

    Bow measures ~55 1/4" across in this section from outside to outside:

    Test fit in the Jeep:

    Junctions match evenly:

    Test fit for marking hole location for pivot point:

    Hole locations 17" from the bottom of the factory Bestop bow:

    Spring loaded center punches help when drilling through round tubing to keep your drill bit from walking:

    Drilling 1/4" holes:


    Clamp the two together into nested position and drill through holes into new bow:

    Hardware used - Stainless 1/4"-20 2 7/16" long philips button head bolt, 4 flat washers, lock washer, 1/4"-20 nylock nut:

    Fastener stack-up (NOTE: this is with a 15/16" thick o.d. tube - the modified one I'm adding - so a 2 7/16" long bolt may not be right for your application if your tube is thicker or thinner):

    Test fit with top on:

    Mark 1/2" BELOW centerline of hole:


    Clean up edge with a file:

    Cut holes on both sides of foam about 7 1/4" from end:

    I used an Xacto knife to cut the holes:

    Test fit after cut:

    Test fit after cut (view 2):

    ~50" long, 1" wide adjustable straps work well:

    Where to use the straps:

    View from the side, installed:

    Inside view #1 (only one strap shown - I ended up using two):

    Inside view #2 (shown with a really long and wider strap that got scrapped once I rounded up the narrower, shorter ones suggested already):

    Final view after install with all of the windows in:
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    1. opelgtboy's Avatar
      opelgtboy -
      Does anybody have an extra bow like the one used? I would like to do this mod.

    1. CJ8LVR's Avatar
      CJ8LVR -
      Get in touch with "Engbul" on the forum.
      He can probably help you out.
    1. jpdeuce's Avatar
      jpdeuce -
      Completed this job a couple days ago. Glad I did it. Definitely makes everything more snug. My buddy said he doesn't understand why it's not part of the soft top to begin with. I can't hear anything over my exhaust yet, but I could tell everything was just tighter in general. Picked up some foam pipe insulation and it all looks like it came with the kit (like I guess it should have).
    1. MomoJeep's Avatar
      MomoJeep -
      Very cool! I've been playing with similar mods. Right now I'm trying to get something like an "islander top" like on the 4-door Rubicons for my scrambler. Or like a full-length bikini top, so I'm looking for a used scrambler soft top. I don't need windows or sides or doors. Anyone?
    1. redking11's Avatar
      redking11 -
      Anyone have a spare bow they would be willing to sell me? This mod seems like a must.
    1. gr8dain's Avatar
      gr8dain -
      Quote Originally Posted by redking11 View Post
      Anyone have a spare bow they would be willing to sell me? This mod seems like a must.
      It is. Search CL for CJ7 tops or hardware.
    1. Randyzzz's Avatar
      Randyzzz -
      Looks like I'll be doing this mod soon- just got approval from the CFO to buy a new Supertop!

      I think I have a few spare '7 hoops in the parts pile, if not I'll bend one from 1/2" EMT.

      Probably have my tired but servicable Kayline up for sale in a couple weeks.