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    New resources added to Restoration Materials Section!

    The pages in this section of CJ-8.com are dedicated to gathering information pertaining to and the preservation and restoration of the 1982 Jamboree edition CJ-7s, usually referred to as the "Jambo". Due to the low production numbers of this model and the fact that an existing Jamboree website has fallen into disrepair for years, Jamboree owners found their way to this specialty site for the Scrambler, so the site owners thought we could help out with a more current site and registry.

    All attempts have been made to verify the information collected and shared by the authors on this site; sources are noted when known. On the rare occasion, information is anecdotal at best. Regardless of source, this information is intended to help the Jambo owner learn more about these rare Jeeps and provide networking opportunities for fellow Jambo owners to connect with one another across the United States and overseas.

    To register your Jamboree: send an e-mail to iluvnatiboh'at'yahoo.com (replace 'at' with an @ to get the full email address, he is also "mr. boh" on this forum.) Include information regarding your Jeep such as vehicle identification number (VIN), Jamboree identification number, condition, what original Jamboree options your Jeep is equipped with and what modifications from stock have been made.

    It is also helpful to include where the Jeep currently resides. Please note that your VIN information will NOT be posted on the site. It is only intended for the authors to 1) authenticate your Jeep and 2) help the authors determine how the Jamborees were produced relative to each other (and other model year 1982 Jeeps).