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    Here are some frequently asked questions about the Jambo that the authors have tried to answer. If you have a question not listed below or have additional information pertaining to one of the questions below, please send an e-mail to iluvnatiboh@yahoo.com or check out our Jamboree specific forum on Google groups at http://groups.google.com/group/82jambo-forum

    How many Jambos were produced?

    According to the Jamboree marketing brochure, only 2500 Jambos would be offered for sale. However, out of over the 100 Jambos registered on 82Jambo.com, none have been identified over 0701. It would be highly unlikely if the full 2500 were ever produced. Statistical analysis performed by the authors show ~680 total Jambos produced.

    What color were the Jambos?

    The Jambo could be ordered in either Topaz Gold Metallic (2H) or Olympic White (9B). The Olympic White Jambos seem to be quite rare as only a handful of Jambos in that color have been registered. Statistical analysis estimates <100 Olympic White Jambos beening produced. Furthermore, only the Jambo and Wagoneers would receive the 2H color in 1982; no other Jeep vehicle, including other variations of the CJ (Laredos, Renegades and Limiteds) could be ordered with the 2H color. See Restoration Materials for Topaz Gold Metallic and Olympic White paint chips.

    What tires and size were the Jambos equipped with?

    According to the Jamboree marketing brochure and various Jamboree window stickers, the Jambo came equipped with Goodyear Wrangler Radials in the size P235/75R15. These tires are still available today through Goodyear retailers.

    Did the Jambo come equipped with a full size spare?

    Possibly. It depends if this option was ordered or not. All CJ-7s came standard with a P225/75D15 Polyspare although a conventional spare tire (same size and type as the Goodyear Wrangler Radial) was available as an option.

    What rear end gear ratios were available?

    The 1982 factory service manual lists the 2.73 and the 3.31 rear end ratios as available with the T5 transmission. The 2.73 was standard equipment while the 3.31 was a $33 option. Both rear ends could also be ordered with the optional Trac-Lok rear differential. See Restoration Materials for how to determine which rear end your Jambo is equipped with.

    How much did the Jamboree package add to the base CJ-7?

    For 1982, the base CJ-7 was $7,765. The Jamboree package itself tacked on an additional $1,332. However, several options were also required for the Jamboree package (see Model Information). These options tally $2,042. So the the "base" Jamboree package adds $3,374 for a grand total of $11,139 and that's before destination charges and any other factory options not in conflict with the Jamboree package.

    What options could the Jambo have besides those listed in the marketing brochure?

    The Jambo could be equipped with any option as long as it was not in conflict with the Jamboree package (i.e. 4-cylinder engine). Jambos registered on the site have been equipped with hard tops, air conditioning, cruise control, Trak-Lok rear differentials and automatic transmissions all from the factory.

    Where was the optional fire extinguisher mounted?

    The 1982 Accessory Guide shows the Jeep fire extinguisher available for all Jeep vehicles; no mounting kit is listed nor is one shown in the guide. The Jamboree marking material also does not show a mounted fire extinguisher while it shows all other dealer installed options. Therefore, the authors believe that no Jambo specific mounting kit was offered although two known Jamborees had fire extinguishers mounted on the left side of the driver's seat.

    Did the Jambo have unpainted aluminum or black rocker guards?

    The Jamboree marketing brochure shows the Jambo equipped with black rocker guards. However, all the registered Jambos on this site have unpainted aluminum rockers.