• Installation of YJ Wipers and Linkage on CJ Windshield

    My wipers have never been right. Then they started binding. So, I've been thinking about doing this for some time. Gr8dain and BOBCAT have posts where they've talked about doing this and how much better it was. I thought I would do a post with pictures in case someone else wants to give it a go.

    As the man said "here's your problem". Not sure what the original cause was or if the picture shows how bad it was, but this isn't going to work.

    So, time for the YJ upgrade I've been delaying doing for a year!!!

    A year ago I bought a YJ Wiper linkage off of EBay. You'll want to make sure that it has the plastic nuts that go on the outside that tighten it to the windshield.

    You can immediately see that it is much beefier compared to the CJ linkage. The bushings also allow a little movement which probably helps if everything isn't in perfect alignment.

    Removal of the old linkage is pretty straightforward.

    I also used a 3/4 socket to straighten out the bend and remove the retaining rings on the outside.

    For the inside remove the pivot hold covers. You should see a clip in the middle that when removed will allow you to split the linkage. Unbolt the motor and remove.

    First thing you should do is make sure that your motor is good. Some people have reported that a poorly grounded motor will cause the wipers to malfunction. So, I ran a dedicated ground clip to the motor and tested operation and she's apparently good. You can also test the park function here. I didn't, but I'll try to find a link


    At this point I wasn't sure if I should keep the arm from the CJ or use the one from the YJ. With advice from Dain I realized that the YJ arm would work on the CJ motor.

    The next thing I wasn't sure of was how to break down the YJ linkage. Rest assured that wherever you see one of the plastic bushings you can pop it apart. Be very careful though. Apparently you can find them generically under windshield bushings, but I wasn't able to find them directly. If anyone knows a part number that would be great. Here is the linkage dissassembled:

    Next I widened the pivot holes. There are perhaps better ways to do this, but like Dain I just used a dremel to widen the hole and cut the new notches. The new hole is essentially the size of the old hole plus the width of the old notch. I used a marker to show where the old notch was so I could put the new one in roughly the same place. I then widened it until I could fit the pivot in and mark a place for the bottom nothch. You may want to protect you paint or be more careful. However, I'm going to replace the glass and repaint the windshield so I wasn't as careful as I could have been.

    I completed the other side and tightened them loosely to aid in attaching the linkage.

    At his point I didn't take any pictures. When I redo the windshield I will try to add some.

    Note that if you have a new motor you should run it without any linkages to get to the park position!!

    First I added some grease to the bushings and then attached the large and small linkages to the wiper pivots. Repair clips show angled pliers, but I didn't have any so I used a small c-clamp. I then reattached to motor arm to the motor while trying to keep the wipers in roughly the same position. This will take a little fettling. The first time it was upside down and the second it was hitting the right stop too hard.

    Notice, the sexy dedicated ground I added to the motor. Anything I touch now gets a dedicated ground if it doesn't have one already.

    So, once it's all buttoned up I added the new wipers and arms I got from Quadratec.

    2 55301 01 WIPER BLADE FOR 87-95 YJ 83505425 $9.84
    2 55300 02 WIPER ARM-BLACK 87-95 YJ 56030012 $27.70

    I went with the 12" wipers. You can see in the video that they go quite close to the top seal, but don't really hit it.

    She now works beautifully. I'm sold on this upgrade

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