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Thread: Transmission/Transfer case

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    Bawebs Guest

    Transmission/Transfer case

    I am using a 87 Jeep Cherokee as an parts donor for my 81 CJ-8, and I have a few questions.

    The Cherokee has the 4.0L engine, and 2 wd Automatic transmission. As part of the engine swap I want to utilize the automatic transmission from the Cherokee (I think it is the AW4, but I'm not sure how to tell), and mount it to the existing CJ-8 transfer case (Dana 300, again I'm not sure how to tell).

    What can I do in order to positively identify the transmission in the Cherokee, and the transfer case on the CJ?

    What do I need in order to successfully mount them together or is this even possible?

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    scramcraz Guest


    You can go to to ID your transmission; it is probably a 3 speed quite similar to or could be a T999 torqueflite. According to previous discussions on this forum it will bolt directly to both the Dana 300 & the 4.0 is no issue since it was coupled before. You will need to maybe get the transmission mounting bracket from an auto CJ if you had a manual before. I am doing a similar swap with a 95 Cherokee- using the 4.0 trying to couple to my T999 auto that was already in my Scrambler. I understand there are some issues with the flexplate & also with the kick-down linkage.
    Good Luck!

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    scramcraz Guest


    Someone told me the output shaft is different for the AW4 so to couple an AW4 to a Dana300 you have to change the output shaft in the tranny; if anyone can verify I would like to know about the shaft difference.Sorry for the confusion!


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    Bawebs Guest


    I have verified my transmission and transfer case. I have the AW4 transmission, and I want to bolt it up to a Dana 300 transfer case.

    I sent adanced adapters an email, and I'm currently awaiting a response as to what I will need. In the meantime, does anyone out there know what I need to do in order to mate these parts?

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    steeve555 Guest

    Re: Trans

    You can not bolt an AW4 2wheel drive to any type Tcase. The aft housing is different. You can get an aft housing from a donner Transmission that came from a 4 wheel drive though

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    Bawebs Guest


    Just to make sure I am following your response.

    Assuming that the AW4 transmission came in both the 2wd and 4wd models then all I have to do is get the rear housing off a 4wd AW4 transmission. Once I have this part then I should be able to mate it up to the Dana 300 T-case. Is that correct?

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    steeve555 Guest

    Re: Transmission

    It will bolt up to a 231 I am not sure about a 300

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    ibscrmbln Guest
    I successfully swapped a 92 4.0 HO with AW4 into my 83 CJ8 about 2 years ago. The AW4 was a 4wd version. While the spleen count and bolt pattern of the d300 and the np231 are the same, you still need an adapter. AA makes an adapter for the AX15 to d300 that now lists for $205 that works for the AW4. I bought mine from Parts Mike for $160. It includes a sealed pre-lubricated bearing and bearing retainer for the d300 input shaft and a 5/8" spacer adapter. This spacer is drilled to allow clocking of the t/c. In the least clocked position, the t/c is almost flat on the bottom of the case.

    I believe one of the main reasons you need this adapter is that the original input shaft bearing of the t/c gets it's lubrication from the transmission which will not happen with the AW4 or AX15, therfore the pre-lubed sealed bearing. Also, the original bearing retainer will not allow the two cases to come together correctly.

    Hope this helps.

    Later, Ken


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