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    Appraise my '8

    Some of you may have seen my thread in the "for sale" section here. I finally got the time to snap a few pics and was wondering if anybody can give an honest opinion on what to ask. I have a "ball park" figure in my head, I just want to see if I'm on the same page as everyone else. Here's a...
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    D/S drop Waggy 44 Q's

    I'm looking for a D44 w/ a D/S drop for the front of my JK. I was thinking about one from a 80's Waggy. How wide are these? I'm looking for one around 64". I know the early ones had both wide and narrow trac available, but I'm not sure about the later ones. I think the wide trac ones are about...
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    O.T.-My JK @ Tellico!!

    Pardon the lack of much action in the pics, I was riding by myself most of the time, a friend in the TJ in front of me grabbed a few pics w/ my camera. He has more (hopefully more exciting) on his camera. I'll try to get more soon.
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    Scrambler boat!!!

    Here's somebody's '8 treading water. Looks like fun!!
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    Dixie Run raffle

    Does anybody know who won the Gr8tops half top for a TJ? A guy on a local board won the bulkhead and would get in touch with the winner of the half top.
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    What's wrong w/ me!!!

    I just bought a new '07 Unlimited!! :eek: :eek: Sorry, no pics yet, I just bought it, and then had to get back to work after a vacation, so no time to play w/ it either. Sadly this means my '8 will be for sale. Look for an upcoming tread in the classifieds if interested.
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    Which power brake upgrade?

    I need to upgrade my manual brakes to power. I hear good things about Vanco, Master Power, and Navajo. Are there any others I should look at? And is there one that anybody feels is the best, and why?
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    I was just looking over the Specialty Top Co.'s site, thinking about ordering a full soft top and noticed that they don't have the tops with zip-out windows any more. Or at least they don't have different part #'s to differentiate between the zip-out and the roll up. Anybody know what's up with...
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    HD Steering box bracket

    Does anybody have a drawing with dimensions for a HD steering box bracket? I just can't see paying over $100 for one, esp. since I can get enough scrap plate to make it for free.
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    Somebody buy this!!!

    :cool: Kinda expensive, but sounds like it's built up pretty nice. Click
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    Chevy experts

    I'm still planning on a V8 swap sometime in the future (see this thread) Before I can seriously consider a Chevy swap, I need more info on the different types/generations of EFI Chevys (IE TBI,Vortec,etc). Some horsepower/torque #'s would also help. Also, what donors and what year range each...
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    heater valve???

    I know CJ's didn't come with one of these originally, but I want to add one to keep hot water from passing through the heater core in the summer. Seems like I remember someone doing this before. I know it should be simple, but I'm just wondering what vehicle it came from. I looked on...
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    Which V-8 swap? Who's crunched some #'s?

    I finally got my other '8 back from the paint shop (I'll start another thread soon, when I get some pics) and I'm starting to think about a V8 swap. Nothing wrong w/ the 6, I just want a little more power. A Mustang 5.0 HO is my first choice, but it will require adapters (i.e. $$$). I don't...
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    waggy w/ 401 anybody?

    clicky! Doesn't say what axles it comes with, but it does say it's a Q-trac, so the rear will be useless to most of us here. Also comes with spare diffs and t-case (unknown type) from a '78. Maybe that rear is centered :confused: . A little high IMO,but it might be a decent deal, depending...
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    Pimp my Jeep!

    Click it and weep!