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    What are these?

    X2, it looks like it is the bracket for this speaker...
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    Direction of rear hanger

    Here is a picture of mine.
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    Half Hard Top Seat Belt Holes

    It is shown in the parts manual on this page.
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    Been a while since we had a Beer thread...

    Enjoying this one.
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    Whitco half top installation instructions

    Here are 2 that I have saved. I believe this should be hard and soft doors.
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    “Caps” for Wood Rail Holes

    At the local hardware and auto parts store you can find these plugs in the assorted hardware drawers or racks . I got the ones I needed at a Home Depot. Mcmaster Carr is another option, but looks like they are sold in packages of 100.
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    Gas Tank Woes

    It is a bracket for the exhaust.
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    Gas Tank Woes

    Here is a picture of the 20 gal tank.
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    What Thickness is the Steel on the Frame?

    I had the same exact same situation on mine. I had an old air compressor or water pump mounting bracket with a similar bend that I was able to make work.
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    Rear Seat Install

    A motorcycle jack works good for removing the tank also. Here is a picture of the factory mounts.
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    Speedo not working after stereo install.

    Here is a picture of the back of the speedometer. I had to disconnect the cable to get the dash far enough forward to get the pictures of the wiring, but you can see where the cable connects to the center of the speedo.
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    Hook's 1983 linked 6.0 Scrambler

    Is this it? Looks very nice.
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    Bed holes

    Here is a picture of the mount locations from underneath the bed.
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    Need some wiring help with wiper switch

    Here is a picture of the wiring on the plug of a 4 wire intermittent wiper. It looks like you have everything you would need if you have the 4 wire wiper motor. I believe 3 wire motor would only work with the 3 wire switch and 4 wire motor with the 4 wire switch. I agree with Jammer above that...