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    What parts from other AMC's also fit Scramblers?

    York AC Compressor and brackets for 6 cylinder. Easy onboard air.
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    "Little Black Jeep" - 98 TJ

    Great article - thanks for sharing your link. That is AWESOME that you got to spend ten days with him in Africa!
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    "Little Black Jeep" - 98 TJ

    (Apologize for adding this to your TJ thread, but had to reply when saw Dan Grec's name mentioned) Dan Grec's story is absolutely amazing and an example of true Jeep overlanding. He's a great guy and I had the opportunity to hear him tell his story this summer at the Ohio Jeep Jam. If anyone...
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    Indy Scrambler Sighting

    Last Thursday (late morning) - caught a quick glance of a scrambler on a trailer headed south on 65, just south of 465. Was wondering if it was someone on here. Looked to be in rough shape, but you never know the story.
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    rear chrome step bumper

    I've done a little searching, but could not find the answer. Is a CJ7 rear chrome step bumper the same as a CJ8 - dimensionally and specifically the end caps? Thanks!