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    Shackle Reversal and BDS Supsension

    Here is a picture I came accross from my initial jeep trip with the shackle reversal completed. It is a MORE shackle reversal and BDS springs. The shackle reversal provides about a 1.5" of lift and I went with 3.5" springs in the front and then 5" lift springs in the rear. I also gain about...
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    New Lift

    Right now I have the 4" Trail Master (CJ) suspension lift that has been on there for just over 10 years. It clears my 33" tires well but I am thinking a little more lift and then go with 35" tires. I want to use the BDS springs (2.5" wide in front) and do a shackle reversal at the same time...
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    Suspension Choices

    I am going to upgrade to some 35" tires and have narrowed it down to three suspension lift's to choose from. Please provide comments if you use anyone of these or if you have heard your bud's talking about any of them. Background: Right now I have a 4" Trail Master Suspension lift that...
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    Va Tech Memorial Ride

    Anyone headed out to the VA Tech memorial ride on 26-27 July. Check out the link Karl
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    Fuel Pump

    On my '83 4.2L stock motor I noticed that the fuel pump had been leaking. There is a small hole in the fuel pump that looks like it may require a set screw or something of the like to plug the hole. I pulled out a new fuel pump that I had and it has the same hole in the casting of the fuel...