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    Seat Identification

    Anybody know what this seat is out of? Sure doesn't look like anything standard I have seen? Seen the split bench before... I like that it folds so flat and is about the same height as the wheel wells. Looks like a great option for a setup with a rear sleeping platform to support feet...
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    Factory Colors on Stock or Restored Jeeps

    It's pretty hard to tell colours in photos. Different lighting conditions and each cameras rendering of colours... It does seem like a very smooth looking greyish blue? I like the greyish blues; reminds me of the blue of the old land rovers. Even nicer that it was a AMC factory 81 colour!
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    Fiberglass Hard Doors

    Looking for information, advice, and help on the fiberglass hard doors (Acme I think?). I am really interested in getting a pair of these in hopes that I can cut down on weight. Not sure how much they weigh but I am hoping I can save 50-75lbs when the I have firer glass doors on compared to...
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    1981 Expedition Build

    Time for an update. Rigid led lights in the front bumper that provide a great pattern to the sides and rear lights which do a great job for baking up or lighting up a campsite for setting up the tent. New mirrors on the front fenders drawing on my experience with old Land Rovers. Fantastic...
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    Heated Windscreen

    I was wondering if anybody knows if somebody makes a heated front windscreen for the CJ or if a glass shop can make something like this? I saw this available for old series land rovers. I asked a glass shop here in Phoenix and they had never heard of any such thing for any vehicles (granted...
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    What backspacing for Centerline billet wheels

    Hello, I am wondering if anybody has an idea of what the correct backspacing should be for 235/85/r16 (32"x9.3") tires on 7" wide rims. Scrambler has narrow track axles. I have debated new axles (wide track front and Currie 9" rear) but I am very leary of this now and thinking I should stay...
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    Repaint Cost (from a shop)

    Hello, Wondering if anybody has any estimates on repainting a CJ8 at a shop? I would kinda like to have an idea before I take a day off to drive around and get quotes. Jeep has only a bit of rust repair needed over the rear fenders in the flat sections and a bit of hammering here and there...
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    Fender flares, what year did they start?

    I am wondering what year Jeep started installing fender flares on the CJ's. Anybody know? I have seen some CJ 8's without them and most with them. I thought they started in 1982 when they went to wide track axles but my 1981 has them so not sure. With my tires I am not sure if they would be...
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    Ford 9"

    Anybody have any thoughts on a lighter yet stronger rear axle than the AMC 20? If I could drop 50lbs off it and be a bit stronger I would be happy. 50lbs may be hard though considering I think we are only talking about around 200lbs to start... But it is hope to get some weight off the back...
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    Steering column rebuilding

    My column is tilt with floor shift. My steering wheel has slop up and down. I presume it is from the previous guy screwing up the upper bearing between the tilt mechanism and lock plate. Been calling and going to auto parts stores and nobody seems to have the part for either Jeep or GM...
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    1981 Expedition Build

    Mine started as a good relatively clean scrambler with rebuilt engine, Howell EFI, steering overhaul, and rear ARB locker. Frame in excellent shape, body only has minor rust oder the rear fender wells. The goal of this build was to provide a secure platform to support photography trips...
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    Half hard top insulating

    Foaming insulation between the two hard top layers. Has anybody considered, seen it, tried it, etc? Would provide excellent thermal and sound insulation. Negatives I can think of though are if too much is applied expanding could bow the two layers, would be hard to control the amount added...
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    Vanco Hydroboost brakes

    Anybody use these or know anything about these? Wanting to upgrade my brakes. Already have disks up front but not giving me the power I would desire... http://www.vancopbs.com/product_p/6.htm Also considering a 12" disk upgrade from Willwood. Brakes seem to be something that should be...