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  • My Scrambler is about finished and would like to post some pictures -- Can you fill me in on how I would go about that??? I am not very computer ;iterate so I will need a lot of help--
    Dave Strong
    Hello Eric,

    I am a lifetime member of CJ-8.com. Should the e-Shop option on the website be available to me? Thanks, Chris
    Hi bigwalton. How do i post pics of my cj8. Do I have to be a paid member to do so. I haven't found a option on my account to post them. I have drop box but don't no how to link it to my account or site. I would be much appreciated for the help. Thanks! Dan.
    Hi Eric...

    Now that Im back as a paid member, do I get the SOA logo back on my profile?
    bigwalton sorry to bother you I wanted to know do I need to be a scramblers owners association member to attend the 2013 National Scramble? I am trying to get my 8 done and ready didn't know if I had to join before hand. Thanks, Craig
    Hey big Walton I would like to get some more info on the soa in harlan ky. I would like to know when everything starts The morning of the 20 and so on. The other thing do we just show up or do we to pay for anything to ride. Just some more info would be great. Thanks avery
    How do I use tapatalk on my smart phone with the site? On my phone it says need administrtor permission.
    Any help would be great.

    Thanks, Paul
    Is there a way to search this site for members in the same area that I am in ( by city, state, region)?
    Thanks, David
    You can't go wrong dealing with Josh. I don't personally have any dealings with him, but I'll vouch for him with no hesitation.
    Hey Big Walton, do you have any history with "Polarfire"? I seem to remember some things a while back, but may be confusing him with another character. Looking to purchase a dash set he has, but wanted to be sure I am treading on safe ground here...
    Hi, I had a couple of LJ questions. Is there a desirable year. And is the Rubicon package better (worth the money) than going aftermarket. (I would want 33" tires and lockers.) Mostly on road but not afraid, or worried about going offroad.
    my cell - 608/575-7787 share with everyone

    The wife is coming (her first "ride" in a long time... I think she has a tree/rock fobia LOL

    We will be crossing via ferry Thursday morning heading up to TC for some family time, returning to the dunes area friday night. I might at least try to stop by the park on my up to buy the park stickers.. do you know if I can get my entry voucher then?? (first time going to the dunes) IS there a time everyone else is entering the park??

    Lunch is there a place to buy or do we need to bring in..

    Im looking forward to meeting you and this group of ragtag jeepers!!!

    Just curious... I posted a thread called "Strange find"... I went back to correct the size on the pictures because they were too big, and the thread said "closed".... I was wondering if I did something wrong ?

    just curious...
    This is fireman122, new to this forum. Trying to find out about righthand drive postal scramblers? How many were made ? I have 1 in Alaska and will be bringiing it back to Florida.
    long time no talk. Now that you've been up there for what..........two years? how is it going in Michigan? Are you glad to see RichRod go, or were you hoping he would work out? Cold winter down here in Dixie, last year was miserable, and this year has been pretty much as bad in terms of cold temps (not as much precip). Maybe you shouldn't have left :) All good here, most of my focus on the place at Smith Mtn Lake, jeep hasn't gotten much attention this year. Jay
    OK - I've been working on this posting pictures thing. Got as far as "Upload" and waited - got an error message - "Your submission could not be processed because a security token is missing". Said to contact administrator.

    Captain Jack
    Please send me an e-mail at jrsmith907@hotmail.com

    I finely figured out how to download pictures to windows. I can send them to you by e-mail to post for me on Jack's Alaska Postal thread.

    Next step is to learn how to post them myself.

    Blessings to you and your family. By the way, that's a little cutie your're holding.

    Captain Jack
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