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    rear shackle angle

    I just installed some BDS 2" springs(spring over), My neighbor who is a xj guy came over and said my rear shackles are not at a good angle.... just wondering what a proper rear shackle angle should look like if someone has a photo handy or could snap a quick picture. I am sure once the springs...
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    BDS 2" spring over

    Anybody running BDS 2" spring over axle? I just purchased these and am wondering if I am going to be to tall. I have heard the BDS springs dont settle much. I am currently running R/E stock wrangler replacement springs and they are bent.
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    Paint or Powder coat rocker guards????

    My wife purchased me a set of poison spyder rocker knockers for the eternal project of a cj8 I am working on. My question for all the lords of jeep is this: Powder coat or paint??? opinions and experiences please.... I am thinking that paint would be much cheaper and easy to touch up. Powder...
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    reverse nuetral safety switch pigtail????

    does anyone know where I can order a pigtail with the plug for the reverse nuetral safety switch? Is there a specific part number?
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    emergency brake cable routing???

    I am building a cj8 that has been a 3 year project. It is in its final stages and is actually moving under its own power. I am using either a tdk or matkins frame with an after-market steel tub. I am installing my emergency brake and there is a hole that goes through the floor for the e-brake...
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    LOKAR shifter

    Is anyone running an auto tranny TF999 with a lokar shifter. I would like to see pictures as I believe I got shipped the wrong parts. I am looking for the tranny mounted with the metal linkage.