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    Jeeps as landmarks

    Local guy with a 47 Power Wagon used on family ranch and I've been bugging him for years to sell. Finally got a "maybe" out of him and here comes this infamous Caldor fire and no more Power Wagon, along with barns and pretty much everything but the house.
  2. Bugman

    Postal drive thru fun

    Drive thru story: We're in a Taco Bell drive thru (only way to access food) at about 11:30 pm and after the end of the local races. Two guys in front of us walking through as their only transportation is a large truck/trailer with a race car on it not able to fit in drive thru. Lady in Taco...
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    Prices for sale, verses selling prices

    There's an old saying, "My greatest fear is that when I die my wife sells my Jeep for how much I told her I have in it".
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    Prices for sale, verses selling prices

    I've purchased and sold a fair amount of Jeeps and a number of them have been Scramblers. In my experience a lot of people start out asking a high price and will usually get a dose of reality and settle for a lower sale price. I do believe we're in a bubble right now and if a buyer has the...
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    Alaskan Postal Scrambler/World Cab - count/registry - help build the list

    That's a nice start to a great project. You'll find a lot of knowledge here and just remember we like LOTS of pics.
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    howdy all

    Dang!! Truck it's been a while and it's so nice to see your post. Glad that things are good and retirement is close and it's certainly good hearing from you.
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    Building Jeeps is Super fun!

    Randyzzz, I share the same sentiments. It seems that here in Kalifornia the "boom" products are becoming harder to acquire than the rare CJ parts of olden times.
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    Getting Back at it!

    Sweet Jesus! With that combo you could wipe out all aggression and bring peace to the middle east! I'm in. How do we place orders?
  9. Bugman

    Good read-

    I've been building/restoring vehicles from an early age and can appreciate what Jay's saying here. As times change sometimes people will describe an asking price of a "build" as having too much "sentimental value" without realizing how much old school talent was required in rebuilding the...
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    bigwalton's new Jeep: "The Colonel" - 2018 Rubicon Recon JKU

    Ok. I'll be that guy. The ONE thing you're missing is a HAM radio...after you get you're license of course. That is a sweet rig. Congrats!
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    Where do you jack up your Jeep

    Another vote for jackstands. I dated a lady in my early 20's, she was under her car with only a floor jack, and down it came. End of lady I dated in my early 20's.
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    New to CJ -8

    I might have to pay attention to this. And welcome aboard Bernie. Sad to see the damage on the 7 but at least you'll be able keep it in the family.
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    Little “Life Change”

    I'm picturing Randy outside, surveying his horse area...a man outstanding in his field.
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    Dana 300 value

    Not trying to hijack the thread but if someone has a 231 with the 4:1 I'm looking for one.
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    Little “Life Change”

    Congrats Randy! I know it's not an easy decision to make but that just enhances the commitment. You deserve the best. I'm glad you're going for it.