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    Retitled: 83 Scrambler resto-mod finally gaining momentum

    what may be the final update for the next... oh.. three years.. thanks to the incredible generosity of another forum member (John, forum name "1980cj7"), my 8 is now in secure storage close to our home in Colorado... drove it on to the tow dolly and got her strapped down: and delivered her to...
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    4.0 swap engine harness: does anyone merge this for $

    Is there any company/service that takes existing CJ harnesses (in my case, a painless replacement harness) and merge them with the YJ/4.0 harness? If so, anyone have experience with them to recommend a service (or advise to avoid)? My Scrambler's about 90% done and I've made no progress in the...
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    Car and Driver: New Jeep models

    My 02 Avant has 6MT and factory sport suspension, I routinely see B6/7 Avants with the same for sale here in CO
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    4.0L EFI quick disconnects... are they "reusable"?

    I've got the 94 YJ motor in my CJ8. The two quick disconnects that attach to the fuel rail (3/8 inch supply line and 5/16 return line from the fuel pressure regulator) were pulled by me, by hand, when I removed the motor from the YJ. I can still see the (old) o-rings down the tube. I have...
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    Tool Time talk: thoughts on cordless 1/2 inch impact driver

    Sears has this C3 model impact wrench on sale now through the 12th for 50 bucks off.. there are two kits they offer.. one is at 99$ (comes with one battery and a charger) and one is 119$ (comes with two batteres, a case, and a drive extension). Reviews on line seem mixed. I have a 33 gallon...
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    show your pumpkins, 2011 edition

    last year I had Jeep related material with my "jeep from hell"... this year, the wife and I did three inspired by some templates that came in the carving tool kit and one that I dreamt up based on a request from my 2.5 year old.. the "spooky choo choo" here's a cat and a ghost based on the...
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    new tires arrived... mount them with white letters or blackwalls?

    like the title of the thread says... UPS man showed up with my love today.. 5 31x10.5/15 Firestone Destination ATs... they have a raised outline white letters on one side, and black walls on the other... my "image" for the truck is semi-retro.. sticking with a small lift, Runck...
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    My T5 in "storage" filled with water.. am I screwed?

    my factory T5 was stored (poorly) by me with inadequate protection from the elements.. it was sitting right side up and obviously a series of rainstorms had filled the trans with water through the missing shifter plate.. I was getting ready to clean it up today and continue with my drivetrain...
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    which pilot bushing for 4.0L swap and T5

    Just like the title says.. seen a few indicators over the last few months that you use the 4.2 flywheel and pilot bushing and bellhousing, but (like many Jeep subjects) there seems to be conflicting advice out there.. another question: are the flywheel to crank bolts different 4.0 vs 4.2...
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    Pics of my engine/pistons, opinions?

    I was tempted to NOT take apart this motor, but since I'm on a slow rolling restoration and I've got this 4.0L out and on the stand, figured I'd at least do all the gaskets, to include the HG. Upon disassembly, I haven't found any ugly surprises, at least as far as I can tell, just what appears...
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    picked up a new back-seater last week ;)

    Alana Grace... mother and baby are doing just fine and we're all home now.. this is going to put a crimp in my build thread ;)
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    My 4.0L is on an engine stand, what to do before install?

    I've got the 4.0L out of a 94 YJ siiting on an engine stand in my garage. As far as I can tell it is a stock factory 94 4.0L and the vehicle had approximately 115k on it before I pulled it. The only anomoly in this motor were the "D" and "C" marks hand painted down the side of the block...
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    it's too bad I'm not into Isuzus..

    .. not that I wouldn't or couldn't be, I just hever have been.. my local Craigslist(s) are littered with Rodeo/Passport/Trooper stuff.. I started to notice it recently and then it became more and more obvious.. pretty cool trucks and they/their parts seem to be plentiful and cheap. :twocents:
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    how to clean and prep a frame and axles?

    I'm approaching a stage in my resto that I'm going to pull the tub, which leaves me with a rolling chassis that needs cleaning up and repainting (frame and axles). I have a combination of paint, surface rust, grease, and some undercoating I need to remove so, any recommendations on how to...
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    do you sometimes feel like you're on hidden camera for the "home mechanic follies"?

    do you sometimes feel like you're on hidden camera for the "home mechanic follies"? tonight was one of my better performances... I was trying to place my rear axle back under the chassis to get it bolted in and make my (mostly disassembled) truck capable of being pushed from the...