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    Toledo Jeep Fest. Whos going?
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    Need some help 1974 jeep wagoneer

    I just bought my wife a 1964 Not 1974 waggy unbelievabley clean been in a building for years no motor, problem is the paperwork was lost a long time ago. I bought it off a friend who owns a car lot and bought it out of the barn for scrap. Has anyone scraped or parted one out that may sell me the...
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    Dana 300 problems

    I cannot seem to get both my transfer case into 4WD High. I have a Dana 300 transfer case, twin sticks that mount direct to the transfer case. Low 4WD works fine, when I try high 4WD front axle engages rear just grinds. Why??? :banghead:
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    Official 10th annual National Scramble picture thread

    a couple more pictures
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    My 1981 Scrambler build

    Here it is every thing done and ready for Nationals we have put about 200 miles on it road testing it. So lets go!
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    Tilt steering column

    This is what I have so I guess from Jims picture it is right, Thanks Jim
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    Tilt steering column

    Can some one get me a picture if the column where it meets the dash? I think mine is missing part of the column, the wires and rod are exposed before it goes into the dash
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    My 1981 Scrambler build

    Heres some more pictures from a couple weeks ago. I now have interior done,all lights in now and running great just need to do axle swap and bleed brakes and its ready for Nationals!!!!!!
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    Dana 30 help

    I need to find the Dana 30 rebuild guide where can I find it????
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    My 1981 Scrambler build

    Got some more done getting close now and I am ready to fire it up and drive it!!!! LED light strip mounted on bottom of cage for interior lights
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    under dash wiring question ?

    There is a plug in under the dash near steering, it has a yellow,purple and black wire going to it I cannot find it in any wiring diagrams.It reminds me of GM cars netrual safety switch
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    ACME top question?

    Has anyone replaced the fuzzy weatherstrip for the slider windows, where can I buy it at? My local glass shop couldn't help me.