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    What is this 3 prong plug for in heater duct assembly behind glove box?

    X2. My money is always on the ground being the problem. I went to the school of JeepHammer and run dedicated grounds everywhere I can including to the blower motor.
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    JW Speaker LED headlight install

    Congrats! I'm sure they work great. I'm starting to come around to the black bezel with your white jeep with black trim. With my black Jeep I might be able to get used to the Chrome...
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    Shotgun Rider Thread

    She's going to be driving it before you know it. Great picture! I love to see the dogs and the kids of course, but you're right there don't seem to be nearly as many pictures of wives :unsure:
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    Shotgun Rider Thread

    Great picture!!
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    Intake port not plugged?

    Thanks that pointed me in the right direction. Mine has a thread already and I found another discussion that said an oil drain plug of size M22-1.50, HEAD SIZE 19MM from a Dodge truck would work. I'm going to try this:
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    Shotgun Rider Thread

    Just working on the Jeep and catching up on the forum after a few months pretty much away. My wife had dual knee replacements 9 weeks ago. She was a trooper and insisted on getting into the Jeep for a ride at 4 weeks. She does love the Scrambler :thumbsup:
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    Intake port not plugged?

    My son asked why the Jeep was suddenly making so much noise. Upon investigation the exhaust pipe had split at the flange for the exhaust manifold. I got a replacement pipe and am going to hack it in temporarily (considering an engine swap, but that's another story). When I got some light on...
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    Unsubscribe/Block Thread??

    Hey, Things are great with the new software, but they can always be better, right? Any chance we could get either: 1) A block/hide thread option 2) A button next to each thread that marks it read without having to open the thread There are some threads that I know I will never look at. It...
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    Summer Fever

    :cry: I was wondering if they had an emoji in the new software to express how I feel. But, we'll take what we can get. For now anyway!! Keep trying!! Just saw LBT (5th time!!) in DC a couple months ago at Anthem. As usual they didn't disappoint!
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    Bike rack Plan A

    Very cool. We use a hitch mounted rack between the Scrambler and the Subaru, but this is very clean and sharp. Especially for long trips it would be nice not to have that hanging off the back. Chris V.
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    What are you guys cooking!?

    Looks great! My friends became dedicated participants in bbq competitions and I've learned that to cook this stuff properly you end up losing some sleep. Especially if you do cook multiple things. I just made this. Egg, bacon, dirty rice, beans, salsa, and cholula sauce. I loved it. My...
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    Jeep Snow Pics...Post 'em up!

    I don't usually take it out in the winter, but right not there is no way. The picture doesn't do it justice, but this is not ice or snow. It's the thickest layer of salt I've ever seen in Maryland. It was put down days ago and is still this bad. The dog can't even walk on it as it irritates...
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    6th Annual CJ-8 Secret Santa Gift Exchange Open!

    A Christmas miracle! A package actually made it across the border :) Thanks for the great gifts from the great white Mike "GravelTravels"!!! My son snagged one before I could get to it, but I'm drinking one of beers in my Scrambler personalized cup right now. The hat also fits my huge...
  14. cdvcj8 Secret Scrambler Santa - 5th Annual

    Thanks Secret Santa for the great shirt and 6 pack of cool beers [emoji482]!!! I've been waiting for a warm day so I could take the pic. Unfortunately my son stopped by when I wasn't home and drank 3! He was like "where did you get those great beers" so I guess he thanks you as well. Merry...
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    Are Mopar YJ Half Door handles worth it?

    I had one of the aftermarket ones fail during install. The "metal" tab that attaches to the rod broke. I see that there are Mopar official ones at there. However, they are $109 vs $22 for the OMIX-ADA. I'm willing to pay if it's worth it, but don't want to overpay if it's not going to be...