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    What do you call these, where could I get them?

    It is a nut that is welded inside the frame... if yours are missing or snapped off, you can look up how to fix those as there are a ton of articles to cut, put in, weld back up... or even "nutserts" will work potentially... cb
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    New wheel style- old school!

    I haven't seen them, but it looks like manufacturers are definitely taking a nod back to the past. I got some white steelies (well patina-ed) and these definitely have that vibe. cb
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    I really can't wait... the whole idea of backing the trailer to the lift and lifting off carcasses like this and then driving out is something I have wanted for 10-15 years now... getting on/off the trailer 100x yesterday, you really feel it in the knees the next day. cb
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Yeah, the seats, dash pad and a few other things were good... it was "free", so there's that. It is a 76, so it has the AM only dash panel as well, which is pretty neat... and a 304, so a V8 tach... so it has some goodies you don't get to come by very often. Taking it apart on a trailer though...
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Workbench photos that aren't actual workbenches kinda bug me, but today my "workbench" was on the trailer as I could not remove this one... was put on with a loader and taking it apart since it won't roll. It snapped in half on the way home... It looked like this after day #1... kinda...
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    My 1980 CJ-5

    I need to find a nice clean CJ5 tub like this one for my next project... cb
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Getting a set of cutters to cut the hog rings off. a pair of good hog ring pliers to put them back on. cb
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    How to fix: Cracked sheet metal near body mount (and sheet metal gauge?)

    Drill the spotwelds, remove it, put in a new piece and be done with it... that is a crack and looks somewhat rusty as well as water/dirt pools inside there depending on the wheeling you do. Unfortuantely if this happened, other places are probably also starting to weaken. cb
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    Project Blue

    Did you sell it to a dealership? Just noticed all the Jeeps in the background :) cb
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    Someone called it a TJ 6

    Yeah, I noticed this back a while ago when I got tires for the LJ... and then when I got them for the "truck".
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    Don't we have a J10 lurking here somewhere?

    We watch a resto of an Australian one a few years back, but haven't seen it in a while. cb
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    Rear fender flares

    You can piece together the arch with front fender pieces... I did that on the tub I have. If the whole arch is gone, then you need something like @Dave The Sparky did. As for availability, when I was fixing mine, I looked for these panels and they were all out of stock... then Covid, so I...
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Right now it is lacking anything in the engine bay... perhaps I should just copy the electric route you are doing....
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Trust me, I am itching to get back to it... the storage/space has been an issue during the "shop upgrade" process... and the weather has been so unpredictable, they can't finish things up... i.e. pour the floor, due to frost. It will not be built in the existing garage, it will be built in the...
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    79 is cut up and gone and I had to put all the parts back on this one as it was taking up too much space... finally ran out of room. cb