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    Classic Enterprises Wheelhouse

    They pretty much are the only company doing anything for Scramblers. We have been over it many times here, but there is simply no market to make money for such a specific part that is for one vechile that probably has only 10-15K of them remaining. The quality is very good from CE... and if it...
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    The brand new one was from it spins so easily and I have to apply very little torque to it to get it to move... The 304 is now on an older stand I have from harbor freight I think... there is no comparison between the 2. Once is $100 and the...
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    I searched for a "tool that saved tons of time/energy" or "a tool that was re-imagined" and I didn't find any threads. I have to say that I was skeptical on the "engine sling", but I moved 2 engines yesterday and having it bolted up and being able to level it... I see this a very new useful...
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Engine day yesterday... swapped engine stands, put up the new engine, picked up the MPFI... long day, but a good one. I got it all in under the wire (had a hard stop at 430)... jumped in the shower and just made it... engines are multiplying like it is spring time with bunnies around...
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    Pics of your Christmas tree outings!

    You threw me for a minute with that giant stump next to the shot... very cool outing. cb
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    This is a hint... cb
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Yeah, I have to have it rebuilt and with the money that I have to spend on the rest of the Jeep, I wasn't planning on that expense... plus other expenses that are coming up... so for now.. 258 engine, fuel injection and continue on... cb
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    So, I was working on the Jeep engine and something kept bugging me... the carburetor that I thought was a Weber just didn't look right... the air cleaner did, but the carb itself didn't... so... take off the air cleaner and... So, I guess I was right... and someone definitely put a lot of...
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    Excited to help our veterans and wounded warriors - 4 Wheel to Heal

    If there is anything I can help with, let me know. cb
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    Used parts source.

    They have bought a lot of parts from me over the years... they have a new girl that is handling the communication and she seems to have really improved the overall transactions. cb
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Was a week from hell at work, but finally got out there to get the head off, check out the inside, clean it up a bit and also pack up some parts (and Christmas Secret Santa present)... making progress. Engine over all is very tight and clean inside... it had about 90K on it, so I will put a...
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    Jeep Rubicon 392

    With the half doors, I see more of a Jeepster type styling if you lose the rollbar and pillars... Nice touch. cb
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    :) For those that know me and have worked with me, Florida is not an option... there isn't enough water and t-shirts in a day for the amount I sweat... and I like the cold more than the hot... although I am sure the family would love the idea... Wood stove is fired up... 76 in the house, 30...
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    Aluminium slot prices?

    Those look very similar to the originals... they have the kindney sholes where the bolt holes are... so the trademark or copyright must have expired... in years past, they were always off set and didn't line up and I always wondered if they weren't allowed to copy them exactly. cb
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    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    Set out to do some engine work last night and found some interesting things... Upon close inspection... So, I knew it had a leak, I just wasn't sure why, but I had another oil pan, so swapped it out... fiberglass has no place on an oilpan pepole! Ran some degreaser over it and some...