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  1. chef717

    axle swap and coil springs...

    i've been wanting to go to coil springs for a long time and finaly pulled the trigger. before we started i did a lot of digging around and could not find a lot of info on doing coil springs on a scrambler. we busted out the majority of this build in 14 days. heres what we got done.... 4 link...
  2. chef717

    my girl gets a face lift

    we've owned our rig for about 8 years and been wheeling it for about 4. she's treated us real good so we thought we'ed return the favor. bought it stock and have been adding ever since...you know how it goes. still running the 20 and 30 axle combo with a few up grades. running revolvers in the...
  3. chef717

    tcase skid plate

    does anyone make a better tcase skid plate ?
  4. chef717

    revolver shackles

    anyone running revolver shackles ? looking for some more flex without going spring or coil over. i was thinking of going to 35s from 33s but am concerned about axle breakage.i have a trussed amc 20 with mosers and a 30 up front.
  5. chef717

    propane convertion ?

    i was NOT aware that this could be done. some friends of mine were just wheeilng at morris mtn. and said some guys up there were running propane instead of going tbi. does this help with vertical stalls ? did a little reserch and it seems the hardest part is tank set up...dot legal that is...
  6. chef717

    when weber carbs go vertical...

    do they stall like stock carbs when you take your foot off the throttle. if i'm going up a steep incline and stop my motor dies. some people say a weber conversion will help. others say ONLY fuel injection will do the trick. anyone ever wheel with a weber ?
  7. chef717

    tire sizes...axle sizes

    i here so much conflicting information about this subject. i'm running an amc20 and a dana30 on 33's. eventually i'll step up to at least 35's when i can afford a rubicon sping over. it's my understanding that as you go up in tire size it puts more pressure on your axles and it's best to step up...