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  1. cj8py

    brake pedal height

    Been working on my brake pedal, and realized that have no idea of the stock brake pedal height, if some one could help....
  2. cj8py

    headlight bracket repair

    After find out that my headlights brackets almost falls out, i've start researching on the net for a solution, this is the best and most original . http://m.ebay.com/itm/190753565605
  3. cj8py

    door lock connecting rod

    Can anyone help me with the door connecting rods?, any help will be appretiated.:wave:
  4. cj8py

    Will a TJ gas tank fit in a CJ?

    Anybody tried to fit a TJ gas tank to the CJ?, :banghead:
  5. cj8py

    14 years of project

    :crazy: After 14 years of project, finaly could have time and money to do the body and paint of my beloved cj8!!!!!, some pics of the 8 in the tow truck, going to asuncion!!!, its a 201 miles trip :ZZZ:
  6. cj8py

    to lock or not to lock...... that´s the question

    I would like to know from my fellow jeepers if there´s are pro´s and con´s in using diff lockers in a daily use jeep?, what experience do you have??, does it worth the risk?, wich lockers do you like??, ARB?, Lock right? etc.