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    Local find I am interested in.

    Hey, looks like a great Jeep to take a look at. Not to be the party pooper, and I can't tell you why exactly, but it looks like a not top of the line cosmetic restoration to me. I might just feel that way because that's what happened when I bought my scrambler. There's just something about it...
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    Barn find Scrambler

    So, my friend, and Jeep-only mechanic - owner of SVE Performance in New Haven, CT, just snagged a legit barn find Scrambler. Near as we can tell, has been off the road since 1996 or so. Some rust on the body, bad in a few spots - but not by CJ standards. Solid frame with surface rust. 258...
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    Aluminium slot prices?

    Got my eye on these: Not sure if I'll do these or new white wagon wheels.
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    Coffee Walk Scrambler edition!!

    So of course I had to watch it too. Comes up in my Google feed. I get that he's all about rarity, but automatic CJ's make my stomach hurt. I do get it for a dedicated rock crawler, but I'd never pay a premium for an automatic, I don't care how rare it was. And not having overdrive sucks. 1/3...
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    SOA membership statuses updated... but there's an issue

    I've never had the SOA tag, but have paid every year for 10 years . . .
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    New decals!

    Looks awesome.
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    What's the opposite of a Jeep graveyard?

    Well, maybe a museum, or a few of your driveways . . . But, there is also this. While I do about 90% of the work on my Scrambler myself, I do have occasion to bring it to Bill at SVE Performance in New Haven, CT. I can't say enough good things about him. He only works on Jeeps, and anything...
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    I've slowed down a bit because I want new tool chests for my birthday . . .
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    Floor pan project last weekend and question

    looks good. I'd seam seam seal it for sure. Then use a good chassis paint on the bottom While pricey, I've been using Chassis Saver on my frame and underbody. Follow the directions and it's really tough and converts rust.
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    Number of members? number of Scramblers?

    I can't vouch for Dennis Collins, of course, but on a coffee walk I just watched where he showed 3 Scramblers in the shop (cool), he said nearly 11,000 Scramblers had been through his shop. Its hard for me to believe that more than 1/3 of all Scramblers had been at his place at one time or...
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    Not a Scrambler, but almost

    So, I live in Connecticut, and a lot of New Yorkers have come up here lately, for some obvious reasons. :censored: So, a few streets from me is a smaller house that I used to see a G-wagon with NY plates on, only ever on the weekends. Obviously lots of money going on there. But since this all...
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    Bolt location/sorting trick for disassembly

    I do this often. Its also a great way to spraypaint the bolt heads if thats part of the plan.
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    My new lift!

    There's a lot more room under there then you might think. Probably can't do my transfer case, or transmission stuff, but springs, axles, steering, and most of the back, like the gas tank and other stuff, is all readily accessible. I can even get to the oil drain plug. Just need to rig a little...
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    My new lift!

    So, After much research, too much time on my hands, still working and getting paid :bacon:, a 48-year old body, and refusing to actually look at my 401k, this happened: I'm pretty psyched. Had to do a jackshaft door opener, but as you can see, my garage has crazy high ceilings. So, yea...
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    Scrambler photo contest

    One more. One of my favorites 2 of my 3 kids - check. Mud - check. STC half soft top - check. SOA trail flag (secured with bungee cord) - check. My (former) WJ in the background - check.