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    1981 door panel colors

    Did the interior door panels come in all I'd the interior colors?I don't think I've ever seen any that match the beige seats in my 81. I've only seen what looks like nutmeg, black, blue and maybe garnet. Were there other colors or would nutmeg be the right one?
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    Sr4 question

    Does anyone know specifically what the weak points of the sr4 are? I'm in the mood currently to keep my as 81 original as possible. I plan on rebuilding it and was wondering if there was any way I could help prevent it from breaking. Is it something that cryogenic treating could help?
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    Tub media blasting

    I thought about having my tub media blasted to save time. It's currently got primer then 4 coats of paint. Factory white, Omaha orange, another orange and then od green. The inside is the primer, white, and roll on bed liner. I didn't realize how much I hated it until I had done it. Well anyways...
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    Hedman amc v8 fenderwell headers.

    Anyone with the amc v8 swap have any opinions on the hedman fenderwells? Couldn't find too much from people who have used them except they may require trimming the inner fender a little. Any clearance issues with the tire? Most likely a 33x10.5 on narrow Trac axles on factory wheels for me. I'd...
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    Iron duke build

    So yet again I've taken my build another direction. I bought a remanufactured short block that had the same casting numbers as my original engine but a lot cheaper than a rebuild. I'm going to have my original head rebuilt maybe with light porting. I'm going to order this cam in a kit from comp...
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    Daily driver if money was no object.

    What would your daily driver be if money was no object. Mine would be a fc150/170 with 4 wheel disc brakes, a.c., and a small turbo diesel engine. Next would be my scrambler fully restored. My girlfriend asked me last night and she wasn't pleased with my answer. She wants me to get something...
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    Tire size on narrow trac base wheels

    My 81 has narrow Trac axles and the base model wheels. Anyone know what the maximum tire width I can go before hitting the springs? Also anyone know the wheel width on those? Here's a pic so you know which wheels I mean.
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    Iron duke casting numbers

    Anyone know what the casting numbers should be for the iron duke engines? And was it just coded for engine build date or is there actually a way to tell if the engine matches the rest of the jeep.
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    Front bumper on rear

    Anyone on here use a front bumper I the back of their 8? I've been considering this option maybe making some brackets from c channel and adding the bumprettes on it. I want something I can step on should I need to get in the back. Are there ever clearance issues with oversized tires on the...
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    Line-up hardtop

    Anyone have lined on their hard top. Preferably something similar to a nutmeg color. My hardtop has no texture to it and this is one of the things I've been considering. I imagine if I did get it done I should probably put the rear window in first for sealing issues. Pictures would be great of...
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    Motor Mount questions

    Alrighty so I'm jumping into my cj8 project again. It was originally an iron duke/sr4. Machine shop said it couldn't be rebuilt. Said there was a crack in one of the main webs. I have an amc 304 in unknown condition and a 360 with a rounded out cam. Are there motor mounts a bolt in deal for this...
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    What rebuild kit for 151

    I'm taking my iron duke out of my 81 to rebuild it soon and was wondering if you guys have any kits you recommend. I've seen them ranging from 2-400$ but I'm not familiar with any of the brand's. I think most of what I'm finding is generic ones like the one at rock auto. Or should I have the...
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    Hard top texture

    Anyone know how to put the texture back in a hard top without spraying bed liner on it? How bad do they look without the texture on them?
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    Sub panel electrical questions

    I'm moving this month and need to install a sub panel in the small garage located at the new place. I'm planning on a 100 amp panel that's located about 120' from the 200 amp main box. The stove, water heater, boiler, and dryer all run on natural gas so I have plenty of juice. I have more than...
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    Paint questions.

    I'm planning the paint phase of my 81 Olympic white base model. I believe it was a single stage paint, wasn't it? Does anyone recommend a brand for a good single stage? Now for the top paint. I sanded through the orange paint on my top that the previous owner put on and found Brown paint then...