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    Pimp'in My Own Blog

    I've recently started blogging. I'd be interested in hearing your responses to some of the topics i will be posting in the near future. Although i work for a church, many of the topics will not necessarily be of a religious nature. (translation: you might actually like it) If you want to...
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    Watch Out Liberals, Here Comes Chuck

    I like the part about getting rid of the IRS
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    Anybody on FaceBook?

    Looks like someone has attempted to create a Scrambler group on FaceBook. Anyone on FaceBook?
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    Kansas Krawl Sept.15th

    This not a Scrambler only event but there will be Scramblers there. Our local club puts this on every year and we have competitions as well as trails. Click here to go to our homepage and you'll see more links concerning registration and rules. Mike from 4x4 Land is one of our original and...
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    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers

    I justed wanted to say thank you to all those who have expressed concern for me over the last several weeks. I am doing better. I have had some health issues pertaining to my heart. The good news is after all the testing the ol ticker seems to be fine. The bad news is the problems are most...
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    Temps In Moab

    Forecast calls for 100+ days, mid 60's nights Take and drink lots of water!
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    Email in Moab

    Yeah, yeah, i know...i'm not supposed to be thinking about my job while on this event, however the reality is i may need to have a little access to email. Doesn't anyone have wireless internet where they are staying in Moab? If so, could i use it for a few minutes?
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    Sunday Morning In Moab

    The SOA has asked me to lead a devotional for Sunday morning, June 25. A couple of questions: 1) Who's all going to be around for it? 2) Would anyone like to bring a guitar and help with some worship? 3) Anyone up for some wheeling afterwards?
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    Stay On The Designated Trails, Or Else!

    For more details ck out this link!
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    Forest Service Budget Cut Could Affect Us

    (Rob, from my local TK forum posted this, i thought i'd pass it along) Here we go again, another round of proposed budget cuts that can and will affect our hobby/sport. Without proper funding the BLM(Bureau of Land Management), Forest Service, and Corps of Engineers cannot properly...
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    Four Years

    That was 2002... Four Years and Thousands of Dollars Later... This is what happens when you hang around people like Mike Starkeybaum. :eek:
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    Get Motivated!!

    Make your own, go to
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    Removing Charcoal Canister

    Okay boys and girls, i'm planning on removing the emissions canister under the hood of my Scrambler, can i just yank the lines and plug them up coming out of the throttle body? I have a 1982, 258, and i'm running a Holley Projection system. This vehicle does not have emission issues living in...
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    Scrambler Pics From Clayton, OK

    Got a few more pics of Mike's Scrangler, Rob's Frog, and me from Clayton, OK.[/IMG] [IMG]
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    Scramblers Invade Clayton

    A few us from our local club went to Clayton, OK to wheel, here are a couple of pics of some Scramblers; mine is the red, Rob is the green one and Mike's is the yellow. (Mike Starkeybrim was not there but Allen drove it)