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    Needing direction...

    The Jeep looks great! I also think original decals would make it look really sweet! I was afraid your project came to an abrupt stop. Thanks for posting!
  2. ddavis

    2018 Fall Gathering

    Lacie and I plan to attend.
  3. ddavis

    Need a New Fuel Tank.

    The top of the poly tank on my scrambler has warped and will no longer seal to the sending unit. I have looked online, and I have seen tanks from $75 for an aftermarket steel tank to $375 for an aftermarket poly tank with skid plate. Does anyone on here have any experience with the cheaper...
  4. ddavis

    Axles for possible rock crawler project from an early 70s 3/4 ton International p/u

    I am currently looking at a set of 3/4 ton axles from a 70 International pickup. They are a dana 44 and a dana 60 with 5.13 gears and lockers, open knuckles and drum brakes. Does anyone have experience with the full sized IHC axles. For $700, this looks like a good deal, but I may be missing...
  5. ddavis

    Needing upgrade axles for Jeep Commando project

    I am looking for ideas as to which axles would work best in a 72 Jeep Commando. This Jeep will be used for things that I don't want to tear up the body on the Scrambler doing. I want to run 33's and gear it low, and since it is a commando, I will probably do a spring over axle on it. I was...
  6. ddavis

    Bestop Supertop Pricing Question

    I just received an e-mail advertising the Scrambler Bestop Supertop at $610 after mail in rebate. This looks like a really good price to me, but I haven't really been monitoring the price of soft tops. Is this a jump on it deal, or one that comes along fairly often?
  7. ddavis

    Daystar 1 inch body lift

    I must be living right, just installed the Daystar 1 inch body lift on the Scrambler, and every one of the factory body bolts came out with out any problems. It's probably time to buy a lottery ticket with this kind of luck.
  8. ddavis

    Looking to purchase a new winch

    I am looking to purchase a new entry level winch in the $400-$500 range. I have narrowed the search down to either the warn vr8000 with the wire rope, or the Smittybilt xrc8 comp series with the synthetic rope. Both are in the price range, but which would be the better buy for basic off road...
  9. ddavis

    I let my daughter drive the Scrambler today.

    On the way home from breakfast this morning, I decided to let my eighteen year old daughter drive the Scrambler. She had never driven the Jeep, or anything with a standard transmission before, but she got the hang of it rather quickly. Still there were plenty of jerky starts and killing of the...
  10. ddavis

    Finally running again

    Finally.......................... After nearly a year and a half, the scrambler is up and running again. I never meant to have the Jeep down for so long, but that is how it ended up. It seemed like maybe a project that would take a few months to complete; redo the dash, reseal the engine...
  11. ddavis

    Bulkhead quick disconnect ideas?

    I have been toying with the idea of modifying the bulkhead in my scrambler so that is can be removed and reinstalled easier than removing all the bolts every time. I know that it will have to have some type of track that the modified bulkhead would slide down in to, plus some weather stripping...
  12. ddavis

    out of state car purchase

    I need the help from the experts here. I am looking at a car that is for sale in Missouri, and I live in Kansas. The issue is that the owner wants cash for the car, not any other form of payment like casheers check, etc. I believe that the seller is honest and I have no reason to believe that...
  13. ddavis

    T176 to AX-15 Swap?

    With the Scrambler in pieces all over the garage, I am getting ready to rebuild my t-176 when I find an AX-15 for sale. It would be nice to have a 5 speed since one of the upgrades that I am doing now is putting in the axles with 4.10 gears. I plan to keep the D300 transfer case, and the 258...