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    Jeep Snow Pics...Post 'em up!

    These shots were taken January 1st during my annual quest for snow... On the way to Payson AZ. This picture does not do justice to how spectacular this was in person. Nice little park in town and a beauty shot of the Scrambler. Elevation of about 5000' asl. Beautiful yes, but it was nice...
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    Ot: Bacon!!!

    Found this little bag of AWESOMEness at a local Walgreens! yummy :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon: Scored 4 out of 5 on the bacon scale
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    Rust Never Sleeps - 84 Rebuild

    Did a little more work over the holidays. I re-mounted my Warn Zeon winch, and installed the controller relocation kit. Front view Side view Installed a K&N breather Installed a hydraulic slave and master clutch set up Master Slave bottom rear view Slave top view Also installed new...
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    What did you do with your Scrambler today? January 2015

    The missus and I went on what is now our annual snow run. Probably not too exciting for most folks up North, but we hardly ever even get rain let alone snow! Last year we went to Flagstaff AZ on Christmas Day. This year I decided to let the snow tell us where to go. So I scouted the weather...
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    Rust Never Sleeps - 84 Rebuild

    In my seemingly never ending quest to keep my AMC360 running cool I think I finally came up with a solution! My last attempt included a custom fan shroud I made from fiberglass, and used the stock clutch fan set-up. This set-up worked well at highway speed, but warmed up very quickly at traffic...
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    2014 CJ-8.com Secret Santa - 3rd Annual

    Got mine today. Thanks Chris ! Tried to duplicate your picture....
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    Rust Never Sleeps - 84 Rebuild

    Recent Picture...about 15 minutes from my house.
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    What did you do with your Scrambler today? October 2014 version

    Beautiful day so I took her out in the desert and exercised the 4 wheel drive a little. I found a cool little trail about 15 minutes from my house. Looks like it was an old railroad right of way.
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    Rust Never Sleeps - 84 Rebuild

    A couple of random shots of my AMC360
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    Rust Never Sleeps - 84 Rebuild

    Well...last weekend I decided to fabricate a fan shroud for my 8. A stock shroud just did not fit, as it seems my fan center is about an inch lower than the stock CJ with a V8 location. I researched online, and found several articles on building fiberglass and aluminum shrouds. I finally...
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    Has anyone bought a frame frome Quadratech? Are they good quality?

    X2 They really are a work of art.
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    What did you do with your Scrambler today? August 2014 version

    Drove over to a buddy's house (about 30 miles each way) to help him unload this... Nice custom Ford Truck he just traded for. Not my cup of tea, cause I would be too paranoid to drive it. He won't either. I just see multiple Jeeps I could own with the cash that thing took to build. Scrambler...
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    http://www.infowars.com/homeland-security-agents-raid-home-to-seize-land-rover-for-violation-of-epa-regulations/ Doesn't HS have better things to do?
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    need ideas on a rotisserie.

    I extended the upright of both stands 8" by welding in some 3/16 rectangular tube I had. Without the extension I could not rotate the tub 360 degrees as the centerline of the tub to each side of the tub is wider than the engine stand centerline to the leg. Sorry but here is the only other...
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    need ideas on a rotisserie.

    That is what I did. HF cheepies. Not a great picture...I had to weld in extensions to make them about 8" taller so it would rotate 360 degrees. Bolted a piece of steel angle at the rear tailgate area to mount the engine stand, and center up the center of gravity. This worked perfect!