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  • Hello; a few days ago I posted a post about me painting a Golden Eagle on the hood of my Jeep but i can't find the post anymore. What happened?
    Hey Matt, Do you have any information on the rig you listed in this thread? Not a Scrambler but close - 1985 "Brute" CJ10? All the pics are gone. I would love to see any pics of this because i now own this. It was trashed by the previous owner and I would like to see what it once looked like.
    Hi, need some advice. Have a complete AK postal, a postal tub, and postal top (no doors) that I want to sell, either complete or parts. Where do I post? complete rigs or parts? Thanks!
    good morning, was wondering why this "security token" message comes up every time i try to post pics. havent done anything different lately to caause it. thanks, ethan.
    Any thought on doing a hard tonneau cover for the 8's? It would be very cool to have one that folds just aft of the roll bar tubes. The vinyl top I have with snaps is a PIA to get snapped again when it is cold outside. would provide more securing than the cloth does now.
    Scramblin Jim
    Matt, do you have any of the sliding rear windows for the CJ8 1/2 half top. Do you have any of the scrambler, cj8 and AMC adhesive emblems. Thad NC 83 CJ8 Laredo
    I heard that your the man to speak to regarding the hardtop front latches that seal the the hardtop to the window frame. Do you carry those latched for cj-8 and if so how can I order them?
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