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    Engine Replacement Question

    I have decided to replace my 258 with a reman engine to rectify a long list of problems that I am having with my current engine. I am going to replace the clutch and the exhaust while I am having the work done since they will have it all apart anyway. Due to my hectic schedule and wanting to...
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    Electrical problems - Horn help needed

    After about 10 months of hard work and a lot of $, I got my jeep out on the road last night for the maiden voyage and all went well (for a while). But, eventually I started getting some odd looks (and a few fingers) as my horn kept going off randomonly for short and long bursts. I also seemed...
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    Scrambler Emblems - Exact location

    I recently replaced the body on my Scrambler and I have a new set of the Scrambler Emblems that go on the side near the rear of jeep. I would like to install them in as close to the original location as possible. Can somebody provide me the distance that these are set down from the top of the...
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    Interior Color Question - Garnet??

    Per the information I have found on the Internet, my interior trim color code iequates to the color Garnet. I am making the best efforts to restore my Scrambler as close to original as possible, so I was wondering if anybody has insight on where I can locate vinyl door panels and seats in this...