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    Intrest in reprodution of Original equipment CJ8 tonneau cover?

    At the 18ths annual PA jeep show this past weekend I turned over my genuine JEEP special equipment CJ8 Tonneau cover to They are going to attempt to use my cover, (Its in rough shape) as a...
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    New PA OHV park, (maybe)

    Proposed new Park in PA needs our support: Northumberland County OHV Park is located on property about 20miles South of the "old PARAGON" property. uture Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park in...
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    Liquidation of Memphis Equipment, Chambersburg Oct1 View Profile Personal Message (Online) Liquidation of Memphis Equipment, Chambersburg, PA Oct1 « on: September 13, 2009, 11:24:54 pm » Reply with quote Modify message Remove message COMPLETE...
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    Scale Offroad Why is it that I come across something I want to spend money on when I don't have any? Anyway, this is really cool <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
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    Getting them all running

    As unemployment looms I am trying to get all my junk running. I had the 1981 cj8 going for a two weeks with a junk yard motor in it. On my way to work the other day the clutch fan that was on the donor gave up the ghost taking the radiator with it. 4WD hardware is back ordered till the 20th...
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    making my 1981 run again

    I am finally replacing the blown 258 in my 1981, it has been sitting broken for three years or so. I was surprised that a there was so little damage to the pistons. As far as I can tell the only thing that failed was a connecting rod..............strange I have replacement...
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    SAVE Tellico before its to late

    Please distribute far and wide. Thank you. Carla Carla Boucher, Attorney United Four Wheel Drive Associations P.O. Box 15696 Chesapeake, VA 23328 (757) 546-7969 Rescue Tellico Save Tellico Now Before There Is Nothing Left To Save SFWDA, UFWDA, BRC files Law Suit On Thursday...
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    Found: Scrambler based fire engine

    This is currently owned by Mt.Zion Offroad of Dover, PA Near the York Pa.Jeep show. Their current plans are undecided as of now. Notice that it has less than 54,000 miles, It is a manual transmission but my junk was done with State inspection so I did not have a chance to pop the hood to see...
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    wild truck trials

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    Missing Boy Scout in NW North Carolina

    link: perhapes some searchers could use a hand patroling the fire roads? or inserting search teams.
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    Paragon to be shut down

    PA Jeeps-President Messege from Kyle and Steph &#171; on: January 31, 2007, 08:47:43 pm &#187; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- copied from the Paragon Forum...
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    a sad story and a opportunity for a engine swap,

    As you all should remeber my 1981 blue scrambler, not to be confused with the other 5 jeeps in the yard has been sans engine for a while. more on this latter. First the sad story. My brother bought from my grandfather a 1991 jeep cherokee with 66000 miles on it. He had it for less than 10 days...
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    The lost camera!...or Fall scramble Oak ridge two years ago

    I found a undeveloped disposable camera behind the seat under some parts. Here are some of the lost photos.
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    2006 PA Jeep Show reminder

    THis is a reminder that the PA Jeep show will be held July 22,23 at the york expo center. As always I will be in attendace this year as staff. I truly hope to see a good turn out from the "long jeep mafia" (you had to be there during our group judging in past years)
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    11th Annual Pa Jeep Show

    The 11th annual PA jeep show will once again be held at the York Fair grounds in York PA on July 22,23