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  • Hello, I'm just a guy who who was lucky enough to have just what I wanted dropped in my lap. It all started when I got a call to make a key for a 1983 "jeep truck" that was at a local trailer park in Breckenridge CO. So I made a key for the Jeep. The manager of the trailer park informed me that at that point it was less expensive to outsource their snow plowing so they had no need for this old jeep they had used since 1984 and wondered if I knew anyone interested in an old plow truck. I am a total jeep newb aside from an 93 cherokee and an 80 something J10 and those were just daily drivers. I low balled he took it , I had no idea that these trucks were desirable until I did a little research on the innerweb. I almost felt bad having paid junk price for a 1983 Scrambler with 34,000 original miles in running condition.
    Well I plan on putting on some miles and some upgrades. I will not be restoring it as it is in pretty good shape and this Jeep was meant to climb fourteeners.
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