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    Yes! There are many EFI kits out there to choose from. I installed the Howell and a DUI-HEI...

    Yes! There are many EFI kits out there to choose from. I installed the Howell and a DUI-HEI distributor. Haven’t had an ignition or fuel issue after what seemed like 20 tow truck rides since.
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    2019 and 17th Annual Colorado Scramble - July 24th, 25th and 26th

    Last minute spot booked. I won’t be able to make Wednesday trail runs but I will potentially get to eat at Quincy’s three nights in a row!!!
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    2019 and 17th Annual Colorado Scramble - July 24th, 25th and 26th

    I’ll for sure come down for a day or two!
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    Howell tbi conversion

    Well, I got the Scrams back on Tuesday. I cheated and paid my local shop to install it as I go 4wheeling with the tech that installed it. And thru the process have built a relationship with a great Mountain shop. So far so good. I already feel as tho it runs more consistent than the fast and I...
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    F.A.S.T. Garbage

    So I installed the fast ez efi kit on my 1983 scrambler over the past year. Wow!! I say year because none of the bugs were worked out the entire time. I have sent in the ecu 2 times in the past at my expense and the third time I had to send in the whole harness. They were supposed to send me a...
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    Roll cage

    These are the only two pics so far, I had to put the top on because it rains every day for some reason. It went on pretty smooth. You only have to drill 8 holes and supply the hardware for that. Otherwise probably the most straight forward installation I've seen. It didn't come with...
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    Roll cage

    I purchased a front and rear roll cage manufactured by Rock Hard. I expect to see it this week. I'll let ya'll know how it goes. It looks pretty straight forward, (famous last words) and is supposed to accommodate any soft top. I'll try almost anything once. That is actually a lie, I'm pretty...
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    Adventures in Sramblerland

    Thanks for the tip!!!!
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    Adventures in Sramblerland

    So far We've driven the Scrams 4k on the new cracked out 4.2. Rifle and back 5 or 6 times (250 round trip), Longmont 10 or more times (200 rt). I don't bother with mileage because it sucks any direction I go. East is the tunnel and Floyd hill. West is Vail pass and the passes suck in both...
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    Decided against the big swaps.

    So I sent the Scrams down to Denver to have engine surgery. I stuck with the 4.2 but told them to go crazy. Port, polish, header, cam and crank. New haircut on the head and block (new). I toasted the old engine. I am expecting to pick it up tomorrow. So anxious since last week. (when it was...
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    258 became shrapnel looking to put in a 4.0

    So the 4.2 with 40k blew up and I do not want to sidestep with another 4.2. A GM conversion seems like an eternal project and I want a driver! It appears as though a 4.0 conversion is the next best alternative. I plan on finding a donor with a 4.0 or a 4.0 itself. Does anyone on here have...
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    Impromptu trip to Moab

    Summit to Moab and back in the 83. No offroading tho just a quick getaway to be some place else for the weekend. Saw like 10 Scramblers all of them way nicer than mine... But I think mine is right where I want it. 75 to 80 mph from Vail to Moab exit, I think it might make it thru Summer in one...
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    Keys ya'll

    If you have lost your ignition keys message me. You will need to remove the ign. And look for the code stamped on the actual ign. If it says Mexico just replace it with a new one. If it has a code I can make an AMC key for it cheap. When you replace them with napa or car quest ign's you have...
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    This might make a good "caption this" pic.

    This might make a good "caption this" pic.
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    How do I get rid of the sag?

    Okay, So, I cut a piece of 2x2 tube steel welded some ends on it, drilled some holes in it and bolted it on between the frame and upper shackle mount. I am 1/2 inch or so higher on the driver side now. I think I will leave it and see if it settles. If not I may shim the other side up 1/2 inch.