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John N
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  • Recipe for D44 front narrow track?
    I am installing a 1975 OE NT d44. I want to build a front d44 nt, just because. My CJ8 is 4"lift at maximum, 15x10 wheels on 33", 350cid/sm465/d300 3:73, and stock spring under. I drive trail and daily in the summer. Best options for a High Pinion d44 front ( ford f250? ) and axles...and is there a diy list? I can't find one yet.
    John N
    John N
    That’ll involve using a Ford front HP 44, pressing the driver’s side tube out and pressing in a correct length one, maybe a machine shop can handle it. Then cutting the passenger side down to the right length. Outters should be pretty much the same as others.
    I’d highly recommend going wider than CJ narrow track width, Between the lift and bigger tires. Send me a private message, I’ll send you my phone number.
    I might have to buy you a beer and you can school me on all things scrambler. Good to know someone is close by. Would love to see your 8. Drop me a line whenever.
    Pat kelly
    John N
    John N
    Give me a call anytime....804 840-1845.
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    Hey John, I heard you wanted to call me.
    757-719-1486 (cell)
    Pretty much any time.
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