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  • I just purchased a TJ air box for my scrambler with the 4.0. I found your thread on how you adapted it to work with your Howell injection setup. I'm mostly curious as to how you mounted it to the fender in the engine compartment. I didn't see any pictures in the thread here and was wondering if you had any that you could share with me as to how you went about mounting the box. Thank you!

    Ken Dubs
    I checked and I don't have any photos, sorry. The TJ fender has indents in it to match the bottom of the air box, so what I did is add similar indents to the inside of the CJ fender, I used a body hammer to change the shape and add the indents.
    Thank you for getting back to me. I ended up fabricating a couple of brackets to attach it to the fender.
    Someone made up indicator lights for the CJ dash other than the stock ones. My dash has one extra spot where a "check carb" light used to be. I'm using TBI and need an indicator light for that. Are you the one who made up those lights?
    Kim- I think I have an extra “check engine” light that walkerhoundvm made for me. I’ll look and see. Still haven’t gotten to that carb...
    I'm trying to find a safari top for my '83. I had before, but it had too many issues to keep. Now I'm searching for another, but haven't had any luck... Any ideas?
    I just read on the gr8tops site that they didn't have plans to make the safari top for yj, cj7 or cj8's. True or not?
    do you still have your cj7 world top? is it for sale, just bought a 83 cj7 british export right hand drive.
    Hey, I have been looking for help on my AC install for my '83 Scrambler. I came across a post from you from 2008 asking for help with your setup and belt routing. My current setup is a similar v-belt setup without the ac. I got the v-belt ac unit from a friend but I'm not sure I have all the brackets and mounts. Do you have a picture of that setup as it worked? I think you no longer have that vehicle. Thanks for any help.
    Mark Valk
    Is the door handle on the barn door the same as one of the doors? If so, which one? The Postal I just bought has a problem and needs replacement.

    Also, are the door locks on the barn door the same as the regular doors?
    WOW! That is a great looking Safari Top. My compliments to the chef. I don't own a scrambler...yet, but my wife says i should just cut my CJ5 in half and build what I really want anyway. This top really inspires me to do just that. Are you planning on/do you build this for sale? What about plans for those of who could actually build our own?

    Happy Trails,

    Great work on your Safari Tops.

    I've got $ set aside to purchase one for my CJ-8 if you decide to market them. I would also buy your Expedition Camper if you decide to make that one also. I sincerely hope you do.

    Brian Boeding
    I am looking for a safari type top with roll down sides and back that will extend to the tail gate of my Scrambler. Would have it made but there are no canvass shops in my area. Appreciate any suggestions from the Family!
    Bob Hite
    Pagosa Springs Co.
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