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    Power steering pump source?

    I may also have to fabricate a slightly longer pump shaft to accommodate the vehicle's slightly longer length, right?
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    Power steering pump source?

    Napa didn't have any in stock for a CJ-8, but they did have one for a CJ-7.... 🤣😂 so I told them I'll try to make it work... 🤣😂
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    Power steering pump source?

    Unfortunately my lower (pressurized) line came loose, spewed out all my PS fluid and ran my pump dry. I tried refilling, but it was too late. Assuming I fried the seals because now its leaking from everywhere. Anyways, went to look at replacements and found pumps ranging from $36 to $400. Any...
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    Introducing myself to this great site, and how it's like another (boat site) I am part of, etc....

    Broadview neighborhood but the jeep is back up at the cabin for the summer. Shoukd be back around october!
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    Flew to California to buy my first cj8

    Nice looking scrambler!
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    I watched that episode and it irritated me then too.
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    Why would you part this out? Yes, it's a 4cyl. Yes, you can usually get more for ALL the parts in total if you sell them all. But why chop up a perfectly good 8? I feel like these guys care a LOT more about $ than the cars that support their...
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    Roll Bar Removal... with a grinder?

    Best response yet, I am literally laughing out loud.
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    Roll Bar Removal... with a grinder?

    I was afraid to use heat on rear ones because of proximity to fuel tank and filler hoses, but I suppose those can be removed (PITA!) Thx for ideas!
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    Roll Bar Removal... with a grinder?

    Should also note the following: 1) some of the bolts are so corroded, that they're filled with paint and rust and will never accept a bit. 2) whoever invented torx bolts should be tarred and feathered.
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    Roll Bar Removal... with a grinder?

    Probably not going to happen this summer, but when I replace panels over the winter in the bed area, I need to remove the rollbar. For laughs I picked up a couple T40 bits, and fed them to my impact gun. There are 16 torx bolts holding that rollbar in place. 0 moved. I soaked the best looking...
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    Purchased my sisters Scrambler today.

    Welcome, looks like a solid scrambler! Marysville huh?... If you lose interest in it, I'm just a few miles south in N. Seattle... :ROFLMAO::LOL::P
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    Not a Scrambler, but almost

    More than a Jeep!!??!!
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    Just wanted to share this... maybe you've seen it.

    Not sure, but I would have likely just handed him a blank check and drove off.