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    Knock Knock

    Coming from a lifelong Bengals and Seahawks fan. :) Giants, Vikings, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Skins, and Steelers...knock knock. Who's there? Owen. Owen who? Owen Three.
  2. Kiko

    What did you do with your Scrambler today? September 2013 version

    Built the 3 tap keezer. Part of a scrambler behind it. :)
  3. Kiko

    Project Puzzled

    Well, I got my axles back today. Need to power wash the D44 and slap a coat of paint on it before putting it in. The disks look a lot prettier than the drums.
  4. Kiko

    Whoops :(

    So I accidentally drove 450 miles at 70 - 75 MPH with my front hubs locked. :banghead: Aside from the poorer than usual gas mileage, I'm now getting a grunting from the front end when I'm coming to a stop. I can feel it in the pedals and it happens when the clutch is in and the tranny is in...
  5. Kiko

    What did you do with your Scrambler today? August 2013 version

    This went on the front. This went in the back.
  6. Kiko

    Project Puzzled

    Introducing the 30 to the 44.
  7. Kiko

    Project Puzzled

    That's a pile of parts. The spindles made me sweat.
  8. Kiko

    One of the best CL CJ postings I've ever read.

    Not a good idea for me. Just a good idea in general. Mine just randomly got this for me. Original out of a magazine. The back side is an equally cool Michelob light ad. And doesn't care when I want these. 2 for the LJ and 2 for the project. :)
  9. Kiko

    One of the best CL CJ postings I've ever read.

    I won't copy and paste the listing because I'm supposed to keep it clean. So instead I'll share the link. http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/cto/3929500583.html
  10. Kiko


    He threw the front ones away. :(
  11. Kiko

    Jeep - Most Patriotic Brand

  12. Kiko

    Fuel Sending Unit Float

    I seem to remember reading that the aftermarket floats eventually get eaten through and fill with gas and sink. I'm getting ready to put in my gas tank and was wondering if what I remember is true, and if so, any ideas so I won't have to drop the tank later to replace it. Is there anything I...
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    What did you do with your Scrambler today?

    Put the pit crew on wash detail when I got home. Oh...Bad Karma and Spanky...I may have forgot to mention I speak Dutch, can understand African, and I actually prefer typing on an Arabic keyboard. :) I'm also quite an expert on the metric system. See you guys on the dunes. Maybe while you...