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  • You can DO anything you want. A guy can build /create anything,
    Here are some questions.
    Do you have a good jeep frame? If so swaping the axles from the ford would be the first thing I would consider. Second I think the ford has a dana 300 trnasfer case same that is in the jeep, So no need to swap that. As for the 302 and C6 a place called advance adaptors can help with the mating of jeep to ford,
    You'll need new motor mounts in the jeep. Also a new cross member to hold the C6/dana 300 combo, This project can be done, Its all in how much do you want to do your self and what you want to spend.

    Have fun with the build they take time ( Ive been working for almost 2 years on mine ) Thats using mostly jeep parts and on motor swap. Keep that in mind.
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