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  • Happy Birthday Jack!! I hope it is one of your best yrs yet. Maybe this will be the year we'll be able to hook up sometime..
    blessings to you and your household,
    It will be no problem to mail you a copy of the instructions. I wont be able to do it until next week, as I am about to be out of town for a couple of days. I will mail them out next Monday. If that is too long, the instructions are posted on Hesco's website, too.
    I used a door handle when I restored my rear door, so yes, they are the same. I believe the locks are the same too, but I was able to rekey my original cylinder so I didn't have to replace it.
    Hello Jack. AS you may have figured out by now, my computer skills are VERY limited. I just fugured out how to post here, or I should say "Accidently Found" tis page.

    By the way, i drove your Scrambler yesterday just long enough to charge the battery and keep everything lubed. It started right up.

    Enjoy your trip.

    Later my friend.
    hey Jack I hope all is well with your family. Not sure if you tried to get back with me while you were in town. I dropped my phone in the water and that seems to completely kill a iphone. Anyway if you did call I apologize I wasn't able to recieve it. I have a new phone now, number is the same, 360-771-2625 my email is revmeup74@yahoo.com. all your info was lost when my phone died. I hope you get this message as I havent been on here in quite a while, god bless, Russ
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