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    Rubicon Scramble

    The 12th Annual is scheduled for the last weekend of June. If you are interested in attending, send me an email at This is a very informal event. All we ask is that you come prepared and buddy up with someone. Mike
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    Rubicon Scramble

    The Rubicon Scramble VII is this Friday. Anyone from this board going? I have about 15 Scramblers confirmed and about the same number "others". I posted here a few months back but no one seemed interested. The Rubicon Scramble VIII will likely be the same time next near. Lets get these...
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    Aftermarket Gas Tank

    I have a venting problem with my stock 20 gallon tank and need to drop the tank. I am consideringi installing an aftermarket tank. I had an Aero tank in my old CJ7 and was not happy with the service. Granted that was 12 years ago and if they are still in business, I am sure they are doing it...
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    Rubicon Scramble VI

    The sixth annual Rubicon Scramble is scheduled for July 11 - 13. If you are interested, please email me at Mike
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    Rocker Panels

    I am in need of new Rocker Panels. I have the "first of their kind" Off Your Rocker panels. They have served me well, but the rocks on the Rubicon must be getting bigger or I am hitting them harder. They are dented way in. I spoke to the owner Dan Duffy who says he know makes them stronger...
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    Rubicon Scramble VI

    The sixth annual Rubicon Scramble is tentatively scheduled for July 11 - 13, 2003. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow Scrambler owners and run a great trail. Everyone is on their own regarding food and camping. The Rubicon is not for beginners. Rocker panel protection, a rear...