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    Semi-Custom bed mat

    Looks great, I’ll have to try this when I get mine back on the road!
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    Project Patience

    Could I ask what shop?
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    Project Patience

    I love that dash, what is it?
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    Survivor Project

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    Weather strip kits

    I got my weather stripping for my doors from quadratec, the Fairchild industries set ( ) I’ve never had a hardtop on the Jeep so I can’t say how well they’ll seal to that, but they work just fine with my kayline soft top. They do seem to be a...
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    Win A Scrambler

    Do you have to be a member of the bantam Jeep association to participate? I read the rules and that’s what I gather from them
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    NM to FL '85 CJ8 Renegade take 2

    Just realized I never posted up the engine pulling/empty engine bay. It was my fathers first time pulling an engine and he was excited, he loves this Jeep just as much as I do.
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    NM to FL '85 CJ8 Renegade take 2

    Minor update, and I know it means nothing without pics, but we were able to get the Toyota to start up today. I dropped it off at a buddy’s shop so he can evaluate it further as I have to head back to work in a different state. Progress is progress even if it’s slow, and that engine will power...
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    NM to FL '85 CJ8 Renegade take 2

    In other good news, a 98 TJ has been added to my small Jeep family, I don’t know much about wranglers, but I love it already. I traded my 05 Nissan Frontier for it, and it’s now my daily. It’s on - 4.5” lift, 35x12.5 tires, with auto lockers in the front and rear.
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    NM to FL '85 CJ8 Renegade take 2

    I haven’t been on this forum in far too long. It’s been a long an eventful year since I started undertaking the engine swap, filled with lots of moving, work, and a marriage. I haven’t had the time to work on it at all in over a year since I’ve relocated for work. The build is still on with the...
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    Anyone in the Oak Island, NC area?

    I’m in Wallace creek, mine is sadly still down in FL. Good to know there’s another member here.
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    Anyone in the Oak Island, NC area?

    I’m on Camp Lejeune which is about an hr and a half, if no one else can help you out I may be able to
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    Special Package CJ's

    I’m not sure if this qualifies as a special edition, but this is my father’s 1985 CJ7 that he got in 1989 (before it became a total rust bucket), I’ve never seen these decals on another Jeep, possibly a dealer installed set? It also has a step/hitch bumper with the dealers name and town stamped...
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    Diesel CJ8???

    I’m currently in the process of putting a Toyota 1kz-t 3.0 turbo diesel from an overseas 4Runner into my CJ8