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    Go Kart Scrambler

    I just picked up this Go Cart Scrambler and am having trouble finding any information/history on it. All the stickers seem to be original from the 80's and was hoping to learn about it a little more. Anybody know anything about these?
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    1982 Resto/mod

    This is my 1982 I picked up in Pinedale, Wyoming a couple months ago. I have been working on it night and day to get it ready for the Moab. I am trying to keep it as original as possible but be able to take it on a trail or two when the occasion arises. The odometer Shows 034985 miles ???? and...
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    Back fires through exhaust

    Having an issue I cant seem to figure out. Jeep runs and drives perfect but if you rev up the motor and let off quick it will back fire through the exhaust. I have replaced the intake/exhaust manifold gasket thinking that was it but it made no difference. I tried disconnecting the plugs one at...
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    2 month build for Moab

    New to the CJ-8 Forum but this is my second CJ-8. I have been building this one for the past 3 weeks trying to get it ready for the Moab Scramble. Here are a couple of pics to show some of the progress. If you can tell me anything from the pics what package it might be that would be great...