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    New member saying hello

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    The big red one aka it needs a name

    The Big Red One is an Army 1st Infantry Division. Army + Jeep = cool
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    Kansas CJ8s

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    Kansas CJ8s

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    Kansas CJ8s

    I live at the house just south of the Tuttle Creek ORV. Our property is the south of the ORV.
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    Kansas CJ8s

    I live north of Manhattan KS. I was wondering what CJ8s are in Kansas.
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    Nice Jeep. Welcome.
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    82 scram project

    Nice build!
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    Victorian jeep action 75th Celebration pics.

    Where is that?
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    Bestop Length?

    Here is mine. I have trouble getting the thing to hold down in the back in the wind.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!