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    Rear Door Struts (Full Hardtop)

    Does anybody have a p/n or vendor name for replacement struts on the rear lift door on their ACME hardtops? My top is no longer manufactured and I haven't been able to find any struts that look like they would snap/bolt in. I'd rather not have to change the mounting points, but if need be I...
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    Howell TBI Install review (500 miles later)

    This is the kit I got from the recent group purchase put on by JR1970. It’s the Calif. CARB EO version with an extra Prom burned for my headers (also CARB legal) and mild cam (well, what they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em). This is an excellent kit for the 258 and would have been perfect if the...
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    Small Brown Alternator Wire

    Hi Guys, I just fired up the Jeep after replacing the BBD Carb with a Howell TBI System and noticed my alternator isn't charging. That's when I saw the wire wasn't hooked up and I forgot where the silly thing connects to. It's the small brown wire on the 2 wire connector from the Alternator...
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    Cat-Back Systems?

    Does anybody sell a Cat-back system for the '81 CJ8 w/258? The only thing I've seen that comes close is from "Walker", but that is really just an OEM replacement exhaust (no thanks). With the Borla header & high-flow Cat Con I'd rather not choke it off with a crimp-bend OEM system. Am I going...
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    Kill switch w/TFI Ingition

    I used to have a hidden kill switch (grounding the coil) on my original ignition just so any mutt trying to steal my truck would have to work a little harder. After upgrading to the TFI Coil, Cap, etc.. I was wondering if a hidden kill switch could still be used and how it would need to be...
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    Cracks in the Hard Top

    I've got an Acme Full (Fiberglass) Top on my CJ8 and it's collected a bunch of exterior cracks over the years. The overall structural integrety of the top is still good, so is there a way to coat (and seal) the top so it doesn't leak or get worse? What type of material would be best, or will it...
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    '81 258 Exhaust Question

    I recently bought (CARB Approved) Pacesetter Headers for my '81 CJ8. The headers that came in today didn't have the fittings on each pipe that feed air from the Smog Pump upstream of the O2 Sensor. I was told that '81 258's aren't supposed to have them, only '80 & older 258's. But every '81 I've...
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    Need Different Drums for Screw-In Studs?

    My old 2pc Axles had Pressed-In studs and the new 1pc have Screw-In's. Big difference in the hole size on the drums. Do they make two different Drums, for either Screw-in or Pressed Studs? TIA Nick
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    Need Input on F&R Axle Upgrades

    Hey Guys, I've come to the point where it's time to "re-gear" the Jeep. It's got your basic Dana30 Front, AMC20 Rear w/3.31's spinning 33"x12.50 MT's. I use it mostly as my winter driver 80% on, 20% offroad with the "off" being mostly mountain snow, muddy backroads, SRV Park hill climbs, pig...
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    4" SkyJacker "Softride" Installed, Floating Sensation

    Well, I finally mounted the 33x12.50x15 BFG M/T's so my suspension upgrade is now complete. After installing the lift (Skyjacker Softride)and checking wheel travel, I went ahead and added Extended Brake Lines (braided steel) and Extended Swaybar End-links w/disconnects so that extra wheel travel...
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    What Brand Lift do you guys recommend?

    Hey guys. Newbie here. I have an '81 Scrambler that is ready for a new Lift Kit in the 4" range to accommodate 33" MT's. My current Rancho 2.5" has been on for 18 years and I'd like something with better articulation off-road and a decent ride on-road. Any help from the pro's here would be...