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    Starter let me down

    It bolted right up perfectly. I did have to figure out which set of bolts holes to use, but that took about 10 seconds. I ended up using one shim to get a good mesh with the flywheel. This starter definitely sounds different than the one I had. It is much healthier sounding and a whole lot...
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    Yup, beer fridges are great! Randy should recognize a few of the stickers on my fridge, thanks again Secret Santa!
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    Starter let me down

    UPDATE I got the mini high torque starter installed and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. It is so much better than the standard starter I had PLUS it is about 1/3 the weight. We will see long term how it goes, but so far so good.
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    Starter let me down

    I think those are all very good questions, but I think my problem is just a crappy brand of starter without a starter brace and crappy starter bolts that didn't fit quite right. I went ahead and ordered the mini high torque starter. I will have it this week. I think that is going to help me...
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    Starter let me down

    So, it has been almost 3 months and I still haven't gotten the starter figured out yet. I have been reluctant to buy a new one because the current one is less than 8 months old. So the current issue is that I have taken off and put the starter back on about 10 times now. Once reinstalled, I...
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    What's on your Work Bench?

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    Newbie restoration guidance for a 1981 scrmabler?

    Search the forum for the threads on the replacement bodies. It seems that the needed repairs for the replacement tubs cost as much as the tubs themselves. This is why a lot of folks on here think salvaging the original body may be easier and cheaper in the long run.
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    Restored Silver CJ-8 in Nashville

    Definitely interesting. I wish they would give you more useful details in the description. I get that it's "rugged", but what actual specs does it have?
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    I saw my first OVERLY jacked up Gladiator on my way home from a meeting yesterday. It looked absolutely ridiculous. I have seen some that have a nice lift and bigger tires to fill out the fender wells, but this one had at least 6 inches of lift and 38"-40" tires. It doesn't sound so bad, but...
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    Win A Scrambler

    I just got my two additional tickets in the mail the other day. I now have three chances not to win! Woo hoo!
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    Starter let me down

    My jeep came with a Chevy 350 with a standard setup as far as I can tell. I haven't been under the hood to check it our yet. I know I don't have a MSD or anything like that.
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    Starter let me down

    Standard as far as I know. I will need to dig into this more. I have a feeling that the timing is going to be the culprit from what I am reading. thanks!
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    Starter let me down

    That never occurred to me. That is something I will need to check. What would the "noise in the ignition system" consist of? I have never heard of that.
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    Starter let me down

    Bump... It has been 5 months since I installed the replacement starter on my Scrambler, and I think this one has crapped out on me as well. I am having the same starter issues I had with the last one before it exploded. I need to take it off and see if the housing for the starter tip is...
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    Adding a third bow to a Scrambler Bestop Supertop

    I agree on this one. My top is about 1" too tall when it is up to fit in the garage. There seems to be plenty of clearance for the roll bar too, so I am not too sure why it is so high.