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    Finally found the right toy hauler

    Looks like it fits like a glove! For those of us who don’t know about this type of camper/ hauler, help us understand. So the tables and beds, etc fold up to the walls OR are the relocated to the front so there is room for the car/ truck/ jeep? Then all is set up at the destination spot?
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    What decal package was this????

    I could see the original 1982 decal edges under the P.O.s spray paint. I quickly outlined with a sharpie to show it for the pictures to document it pre-restoration. Does not match up to the several OEM sets Ive seen. Mainly the upper pieces on the forward tub section near the vertical fender...
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    Skyjacker 4" on an 8

    When doing my on line research on Skyjacker lifts, I read mixed reviews. I got a free brand new 4 inch Skyjacker lift kit with shocks in the back bed of a CJ-7 I just bought to resell. I would like to keep it an use it on one of my 8s that will see a mild build for some trail and light rock...
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    WHY do some 8 owners think this looks good?

    I never understood the "appeal" of having the wrong top on your CJ. Over the years, Ive seen several Scramblers with a CJ-7 top on them.....Why? Not only does it look kinda stupid and not proportioned , but whats the point of such a small rear storage in the weather. Yes, I think 8 half tops...
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    Adding 3 point seat belts

    My bubby wants to add the 1982 and later 3 point seat belts to his 81 Scrambler. Has anyone drilled and welded in the threaded bung for this. I have several from a YJ roll bar, but the 8 bar is thicker AND the down bar is in the way where the welded back side would be. Any thoughts besides...
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    Custom made hard top for my 8

    I haven't really been pleased with the full length aftermarket hardtops I've seen. The lack of avalibility and high prices are making me toy with the idea of making my own out of two CJ-7 tops. Yes, I have skills and can cut it and fiberglass it. My first question is which style of tops is...
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    Are there two types of OEM roll bars??

    When looking at the side of my 83, the main hoop of the roll bar has a very obvious rake toward the looks weird. I inspected the tub, floor, feet, etc and it seems to be wreck free and all stock. So, looking at other scramblers, I see the OEM bars that are 90 degree or straight up...
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    Wipers work on high only

    83 CJ-8 (doesn't matter though as it is a mix of years), with intermittent wipers. No joy on delay settings, or low, but high work as it should. I replaced (from my other known working CJs), the delay box, its short harness, the dash switch, and the wiper motor...ALL did the same thing...high...