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    Stock Master Cylinder Gasket and Cover

    On a stock M/C, the little tabs that hold it in the cap are on the long sides. There are 2 on each side. Karl
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    Stock Master Cylinder Gasket and Cover

    Any idea where I can get a gasket and cover for my master cylinder? Its stock and power brakes. Also, did any other vehicles use the same master cylinder? Im having no luck finding a gasket and cover.
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    JP Magazines

    A friend of mine gave me a bunch of JP Jeep magazines. Almost all for 2007 to today. Some older. If anybody wants them, let me know. Just give me shipping. Karl
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    Rear Seat Belt Mounting

    Can somebody post a pic of the rear seat belt bolt area. I want to see how the belts are supposed to be bolted in. A close up of the middle and side would be perfect. Karl
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    Photo shoot fee? For a commercial

    A friend of mine gets calls all the time in Massachusetts when they film 70's movies. He has an Opel GT. His car was in a photo shoot with Penelope Cruz. Karl
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    Burnt Up Jeeps

    Per your request. Karl
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    Burnt Up Jeeps

    According to the owner it was a left hand drive Overlander. He is from the Netherlands. What a shame. Here is what is looked like before it became the "Scorched Edition." Karl
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    Burnt Up Jeeps

    Can anybody guess what the closest Jeep is? This was posted in another group I belong to. Karl
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    Got any funny pictures?

    Here is Eric bringing another Jeep to Jersey to add to his collection. Karl
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    Neat JK 6 Wheeler

    Not really in to the dual axle part but pretty neat. Karl
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    Looking for pic of 82 laredo blue

    I friend stopped by today with his new Scrambler. Does anybody have a pic of an 82 Laredo dark blue scrambler with the decals? He wants to see what his will look like when done. Karl
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    Trailer Wiring

    When you guys wire your Scrambler for a trailer, do you tie into the wires before or after the plugs for the rear lights? Does anybody have a diagram for the connections? Do they still make a plug in wiring harness for the CJ? Karl
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    Bumpee end cap pics needed

    Can somebody send me some pics of the front and rear bumper end caps. Front and back of one of each end cap? Or, can you find me a thread with the pics in it? I have been searching and cant find pics. Karl
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    What rim is this?

    I went to go look at 2 Jeeps yesterday and took a pic of this rim he had on one Jeep. I have never seen it before. Any ideas? Also, the 2 Jeeps are so badly rusted I have no idea how they are together. He said a guy tried to buy a fabric strip that went on top of the grill off of one Jeep and...