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    Engine Troubles

    I don't know where to start, but here we go. I just moved from MO to CA during the coldest period of the year (temps in single digits and below during the move) and my Scram was running great until I attempted to take the Jeep off my trailer. The starter worked fine, but the engine would not...
  2. poseidon4472

    B-d sale on tops

    B-D Pics Here are a few pictures, I tried to take some pictures of the 5/16 X 3/4" bolts that were use to secure the rail and corner plate. I recommend installing the top when it is warm to allow a little play and while the top is new use the deepest set of holes in the bow release to allow...
  3. poseidon4472

    Offenhauser Manifold Install

    I have an Offenhauser intake manifold and curious to see if anyone has installed one of them on an 258 I6 and if there were significants improvements to gas mileage and HP. I also would be interested in any insight anyone would have with also incorporating an Offenhauser intake with Howell EFI...
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    Color Match Suggestions

    I have the correct color codes for my CJ but unable to find the Dupont paint or color match anywhere. Is there a distributor commonly used that can not only match the color code but also provide a quality paint Dupont used to. Color codes are: AMC 1C Sherwood Green (M) or Dupont...
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    Air Conditioner Mod/Conversion

    Just purchased a 1983 CJ-8 w/ 258 I-6, there has not been a rebuild on the engine (142,000) miles and still runs strong so I'm not to keen on doing too much to it. Getting to the point, sitting out in the Mojave and need A/C unit put in. Any recommendations? Also wondered if it would just...