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  • Do you have any of the gaskets that go between the bulkhead and the body that you are wanted to sell?
    not to much work has been very busy for this time of year. Its a good thing. been busy plowing snow and keeping that pos plow truck running. just trying to keep slowly moving over the shop, getting there . a lift is the best thing ever wish i would have got one years ago. life and time saver.
    Hello racinrudy,
    I am looking for a bulkhead and by that I mean the one that seperates the cab from the rear and goes under the shor top. I just joined the forum abit ago. Do you still have any or do you know where any are?

    04730 don't really care which one, would just like one hope i can get it cross the boarder:) ITs fing cold up here....
    I live in Dayton Ohio an dcalled you a moment ago. I was wondering if you could reply to my gmail address? Mexicanirish@gmail.com
    I can swing by and look at / pickup the tan top this weekend. Please let me know i fthat is good for you. Also, is it necessary to remove the wooden rails from my scrambler to put on the acme hard top?

    I am also looking for a soft half top (nutmeg or tan) so let me know if you have one to sell.
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