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  • Randy, can you please call me at 540-847-1342
    I may be interested in purchasing and paying shipping for that stuff, give me a call please
    Just wanted to say love your jeep build thread hope my 8 turns out half as nice as yours love the stance.
    Hi Randy,

    I've been well. How about you and your family. Haven't had much time to get online. Life has been crazy. I moved back to Washington, got a new job, got hurt on the job, met a girl, got engaged, and now we are planning a wedding July 2nd! How is the Jeep coming?

    Do you have a good source for Ected Lockers? I'm finding it impossible to spend $2000 plus for 2 lockers (ARB or OX)

    Did you ever install the shackles? If so, how do they work?

    I just bought a locker from e-bay and because I was having it shipped to Washington State, He tacked on $60.00. If I have to, can I have it sent to you and have you then mail it to me Parcel Post?

    It is really starting to sink in that we are returning south. I am really looking forward to getting close to home. You mentioned visiting us in Everett. The quarters we will live in has 4 bedrooms. Plenty of room for guests.

    Thanks. Let me know if there's anything I can do about the trans. Did the link work for the junkyard search?
    I tried to print the wiring diagrams you posted. They didn't print so I could read them. Would you please email them to me. The Postal I bought has electrical problems.

    Thanks in advance.

    Captain Jack
    Thanks Randy. I just called Wade's auto to see if they received the tank. FedEx said it was delivered on the 6th of August. They aught to have it up and running by the time I get to Bend over Labor Day. Thank you again for keeping an eye out locally. Kain.
    Forgot to ask. To use this spacer does the transmission have to be from a 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicle?

    Hey Randy,

    I a tried finding the info on that spacer from the AA website. No go! Do you have the part number. Any other words of wisdom?

    I am going to be at my house in Washington for two weeks starting Monday. M 8 is on its way from Toby. Boy, was this ever a messed up situation. It was supposed to have left last Thursday. Didn't leave till this AM.

    Hope you and your family have a BLESSED 4th.

    Capt. Jack
    Randy, Please e-mail me a phone number I can call you at. There is a Scramble in Bend I may be interested in. I wish to keep this private and not put it out on the forum.


    Thanks in advance,

    Captain Jack Smith, Pastor
    The Salvation Army
    Juneau, Alaska
    All the fuel line and fittings were purchased at Napa. They had to order it in- it was in their PSA catalog under "fuel line repair". Thanks for the compliment! Hopefully I'll have some more updates to post soon.
    Where did you purchase the nylon fuel line from the tank to the flex fuel sensor? I'm doing the same swap and having a hard time finding that stuff. Great build and posts. That's going to be a nice jeep.
    Called you today... wanted to catch up..
    I hope you and those you care about are doing great...
    you coming thru Portland anytime soon?

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